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em.flush(); em.clear(); loosing data and not persisting managed objects

I'm having trouble with flush() and clear() in a loop inside a transaction not persisting modified objects to database. Sometimes it does other times it doesn't. Here is my Entity. ... int field (using it as is. This is just a sequence number) 3 - A Date object (I'm using its .toString() ...


Unexpected Exception during commit

I'm testing code that otherwise has been working with a clean database. I have seen several examples of the following exception. It never seems to happen in the same place twice, though. If you can give me a hint as to what would internally cause this, I'll try to reproduce it. Carl   ... a single item. Is that true? In cases where I have a large number of entities that are not used as a collection, I assumed a mappedBy ...


Server out of memory exceptions

I've started to get memory exceptions on objectdb instances running as a server. The objectdb log reports this as: ... thread list on each iteration so you're right - the number of threads is growing each time I've changed it to clean up ...


ObjectDB Object Database Features

ObjectDB provides a rich set of features, many of them as the result of supporting the JPA and JDO APIs.... Master-Slave replication (clustering) with unlimited number of slave nodes. Dynamic composite ...



The Throwable class is the superclass of all errors and exceptions in the Java language.(Class of java.langClass Throwable)


Eclipse Public License - v 1.0

... of the Agreement will be given a distinguishing version number. The Program (including Contributions) may always be distributed subject ...


find() delay

Hi, I tried objectdb in following steps: 1, for 1 to 30 {trans.begin(); create typeC o; em.persist(o); trans.commit();} 2, for 1 to 30 {p = em.find(typeC.class, i); print(p)} So simple a test, there is no result in one go; I have to disable step 1 and run again, then Step 2 output the expected results. I tried em.flush(), em.clear(), etc.. that do not work. Any idea? TIA ... Thanks. If there is a large number of objects in cache, the List.add() make sons for a node, how to make it ...


Selective merge/cascade of detatched entity

I'm having an issue with my application, and I'm hoping you guys will be able to help. Please forgive typos and obvious errors, I'm having to retype from a non-internet connected network. A contrived example is: #1 2012-11-16 15:20 I'm having an issue with my application, and I'm hoping you guys will be able to help. Please forgive typ ...


com.objectdb.o.NLV cannot be cast to com.objectdb.o.CMV

We are using ObjectDB 2.5.1_04. The following JPQL query causes an internal exception: SELECT COUNT(r) FROM RecordingMetaData AS r WHERE ((r.mapFromCli LIKE '' ESCAPE '\')) The exception: ... The mapFormCli filed is a member of a number of composite indices: @ Entity ( name = ...


SELECT clause (JPQL / Criteria API)

Explains how to use the SELECT clause and projections in a JPA/JPQL query.... JavaDoc Reference Page... , which takes a variable number of arguments representing multiple selections, and builds a  ...