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  • Search for either of the two terms with uppercase OR. For example, cats OR dogs.

Logical Operators in JPQL and Criteria API

Explains how to use AND, OR and NOT in JPQL queries.... Binary AND (&&) Operator Binary OR (||) Operator Unary NOT (!) Operator Criteria ... && OR || NOT ...



The type of a simple or compound predicate: a conjunction or disjunction of restrictions.(Interface of JPA)


Comparison in JPQL and Criteria API

Explains how comparison operators can be used in JPQL queries, including in comparing null values.... > Less Than or Equal To <= <= Greater Than or Equal To >= >= ...


or(x, y)

Create a disjunction of the given boolean expressions.(Method of javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaBuilder)



Defines a collection of instances of a basic type or embeddable class.(Annotation of JPA)


Issue with UPPER ?

Hi, Assuming those queries which are all the same except the UPPER calls: ... ( $4 . name LIKE '%81%' ) ) OR ( ( $5 IS NOT NULL ) AND ( $5 ... $5 . postalCode LIKE '%81%' ) ) OR ( ( $5 IS NOT NULL ) AND ( $5 ...


How to disable use of graphic windows by objectDB

Helo folks, i created a shell script to start objectDB as a service in my linux machine, but the problem is when it starts, show some popup windows and try to create a notification icon in my gnome's process bar. How can i disable that feature?   Regards, LottaLava ... bin]# [ObjectDB 2.3.0_04] GhostRider: GhostRider: Name or service not known No protocol specified   ... 01:34 "Name or Service not known" and "No protocol specified" are not ObjectDB errors. ...



Create a disjunction of the given restriction predicates.(Method of javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaBuilder)


Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004

... document. "Licensor" shall mean the copyright owner or entity authorized by the copyright owner that is granting the License. ... all other entities that control, are controlled by, or are under common control with that entity. For the purposes of this ...


Help with JPA2 Criteria and conditional operator grouping

Hi,   I'm getting a little trouble performing a query as per the way I had it set up on eclipselink. Essentially, the query I'm trying to generate is: SELECT $1 FROM Company $1 WHERE (($1.companyId=:p1) AND ($1.conditionOne=true)) AND (($1.conditionTwo=false) OR ($1.conditionThree=false))   From the JPA2 criteria: ... ( $1. conditionTwo = false ) OR ( $1. conditionThree = false ) ) ... ,   builder. and ( builder. or ( builder. equal ( conditionTwoPath, false ...