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Doctor bug?

Please see the attached .odb file. It was freshly created by my web application, and just very few entries have been posted to the database yet. But still the doctor reports a whole bunch of errors. My application seems to function properly though. I guess this is a bug in the doctor? Using version 2.4.1. I get  ... as you suggested (in another recent issue): package net. pocketservices . athene . objects . persistent ; ...


Explorer in 2.3

First, the new Explorer in ObjectDB is fantastic! This is exactly what we've needed - an easy way to do ad-hoc JPQL queries and navigate through the results and even make small changes to primitive data and Strings. After playing with it for a while, here is a list of additional features I'd love to have: 1. Export of selected data: a. Simple - Select a range of cells or a column header and copy text to the clipboard or save to a file (csv, html, etc..). (There appear to be copy menu options, but I cannot get them to work.) ... 2) ability to rename the Entity Classes (especially the package names). edit ...



... names (issue #186 ). Fixed accessing a package level JDO sequence using getSequence ( issue #186 ). ...


"where in" query

Is it possible to run a query selecting values that exist in a provided list? e.g. something like: SELECT u FROM User m WHERE u.username IN ('test_user','anotheruser') I've tried various combinations of this including passing the list as a named parameter but without any joy. The only similar examples I can find in the docs involve a join query - but my list isn't in the database - and the MEMBER OF operator doesn't seem to do what I want (although I may be using it incorrectly! ... MEMBER OF with parameter for this purpose: package com. objectdb . forum ;   import java. util . *; ...


IN expression in a Criteria Query

Hello, I am trying to migrate my Spring project from Hibernate to ObjectDB. On ObjectDB page, it is written that ObjectDB is 100% compatible with JPA. However, I have problem with this JPQL query: SELECT e FROM Employee e WHERE e.present = false AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT c FROM Computer c WHERE c.employeeEntity = e) ORDER BY e.name with Hibernate, there was no problem with this query, but ObjectDB throws exception: ... for the original report, still works with 2.5.3: package test ;   import java. util . *;   import ... test with a JPQL query string, that still works: package test ;   import java. util . *;   import ...


creating EntityManager on odb file created on Mac 64bit on Windows 32bit

Hello, I have an odb file created on my Mac OSX 64bit. When I further, in other program, create an EntityManagerFactory and later EntityManager on this file, every thing is working fine. But, when I transfer this program and odb file to Windows XP 32bit it crashes while creating EntityManager. Do you have any idea why does it crash? Thanks, Marcin  ... expressedpathfinder is my main package in java project where I create and use SMMD.odb.   ...


How to use JOIN FETCH?

The ObjectDB manual (http://www.objectdb.com/java/jpa/query/jpql/from) gives an example of using JOIN FETCH to avoid excessive round trips to the database: ... both eagerly and lazily in different queries. package testing ;   import java. io . File ; import ...


List of Enum Values in an entity

Hello, I'm new with ObjectDB and just tried out the example in the Eclipse/Glassfish tutorial (http://www.objectdb.com/tutorial/jpa/eclipse/ee). After testing was successful, I extended the Guest class with an ArrayList of Enums: private ArrayList<GuestFlag> flags; The flags are stored into the database without any problem. In the explorer I can see that it is stored as array of Strings. ... only thing I changed in the whole application: package . model . entity ;     import java. io . ...


Best practice: Database update/migration of embedded databases in products

Hello Support, what experience do you have for data migration within a product? An example: There are three versions of a product (v1.0; v1.1, v2.0). In each version, the entities have been modified. Attributes added, removed and renamed. If attributes were removed, then only because the data is now held otherwise. #1 2015-01-14 12:09 Hello Support, what experience do you have for data migration within a product? An example: ...



The Query interface allows applications to obtain persistent instances, values, and aggregate data from the data store.(Interface of JDO)