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Synonymous with OPTIMISTIC.(Enum Constant of javax.persistence.LockModeType)



Explains how to apply server side bulk update using a JPA/JPQL query.... instances) only after commit . This page covers the following topics: Update All Queries ... an update or delete statement. See JavaDoc Reference Page... method: Query query = em. createQuery ...


collection of embedded objects

1. In general, are there any restrictions of the use of @Embedded objects in collections, compared to @Entity? 2. If you have a large nested collection of @Embedded objects, and you remove the parent @Entity, does the remove cascade through the whole collection? 3. Is searching through collections of @Embedded objects more expensive (time) than searching through collections of @Entity? ... a basic type or embeddable class. See JavaDoc Reference Page... annotation on the collection to specify fetch policy. ... with one-to-many multiplicity. See JavaDoc Reference Page... to cascade operations through the collection of embedded ...


Connecting to a remote objectdb server

I am trying to configure my application in a client-server objectdb setup via tcp/ip. So I first made sure that the remote objectdb server is running using telnet from my local.  $ telnet db.mydomain.com 6136 (worked fine, is able to connect...) My db was configured below: <server>   <connection port="6136" max="100" />   <data path="objectdb://db.mydomain.com/db" /> </server> ... for the database root directory. See this manual page .   ObjectDB Support ObjectDB ...



... access mode. Fixed a bug in allowing page sizes larger than 64KB (which are not supported by ObjectDB). ... Added an option to disable reuse of database page objects . Improved release of query resources. ...


Relationships and tracking changes

3. Object relationship I try to create a 1->n relation (EBVerlag is 1 and EBUser is n) between two tables: Table "EBVerlag": ... a persistent property or field. See JavaDoc Reference Page... and JoinColumn javax.persistence.JoinColumn ... or element collection. See JavaDoc Reference Page... . Therefore, Java field names should be used in ...


Using Enum type in NamedQuery: Field is not found in type

I'm trying to switch an application that worked fine in Hibernate to ObjectDB and am having issues with queries that reference enum types. On my entity object is a static enum public static enum Type {     A,B,C } that is stored in an @Enumerated member variable private Type type; @Enumerated public Type getType() {     return type; } I then try to query this field in the following JPA Named Query ... correct according to the JPA Persistable Types page Thanks for the help ...


Soft Reference Object Cache Recommendation

(Trying again.  Last post, ~50 minutes to compose, failed, possibly due to an attachment upload size limit being exceeded before the post attempt.  =(  ) ... the L2 cache and use 1 MB for the ObjectDB Datastore page file cache with page file size of 64 KB.  Here are relevant objectdb.conf settings: ...



Defines a single-valued association to another entity that has one-to-one multiplicity.(Annotation of JPA)


In memory processing for ObjectDB

Hi there ! We are building a platform for trades processing where we want to keep our processing speeds very high. We like ObjectDb because its simplicity and the performance benchmarks, but to take it to next level really we wanted to check whether is there any In memory mode available for ObjectDB where recovery is possible, something like prevalyer etc. ... several different caches: Back end page cache Front end shared L2 data cache ...