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... #48 ). Fixed a bug in compilation of path expressions in queries. Fixed handling null  values in JOIN and path expressions in queries. Fixed a possibly very slow query ...



... in enhancement of more than one class path root ( issue #82 ). Fixed a NullPointerException on ... PK embedded IDs. Fixed default ObjectDB home path ( $objectdb ) in NetBeans RCP . Fixed a Doctor and ... mode. Fixed a bug in setting log directory path (missing URL decoding). Fixed a bug in automatic byte code ...


Import data from MySQL

Hi, I tried the objectdb in my research, find it very easy to handle without setting up xml files. However, I cannot find the import/export functions between other database, then how can I transfer mysql data into objectdb? When I use explorer.exe to browse the database in objectdb, eclipse tells me another app occupy it, then how can objectdb support multi-thread? ... its priority. See also the  migration path from JPA / Hibernate forum thread. ObjectDB ...


problem with lazy loading - unittest project attached

hi, i'm still testing objectdb together with spring-data-jpa. i made a test which should simulate 4 requests 1. save entity 2. read an existing entity, add onetomany relation 3. read an existing entity, add another onetomany relation 4. read entity, get relations. i have the feeling this is not the optional way to test this, because of the differnt transaction behavior. the test is not transactional, but the spring repository methods are. ... IOException parsing XML document from class path resource [test/LazyLoadingTests-context.xml]; nested exception is java.io.FileNotFoundException: class path resource [test/LazyLoadingTests-context.xml] cannot be opened because it ... omitted Caused by: java.io.FileNotFoundException: class path resource [test/LazyLoadingTests-context.xml] cannot be opened because it ...


Criteria Query Selection and Results

Reference (JavaDoc) of JPA query criteria result interfaces, including Selection, CompoundSelection, Order and Tuple.... expression interfaces, including Expression, Predicate, Path, ParameterExpression and Subquery. See JavaDoc Reference Page... ...


Date and Time in JPQL and Criteria Queries

Shows how date and time can be used in JPQL queries.... values are assigned as arguments. as  path expressions - in navigation to persistent date and time fields. ...



The TupleElement interface defines an element that is returned in a query result tuple.(Interface of JPA)



Instances of the type Bindable represent object or attribute types that can be bound into a Path.(Interface of JPA)



The Selection interface defines an item that is to be returned in a query result.(Interface of JPA)



Type for query expressions.(Interface of JPA)