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Release date: 2011-03-10 Download (3.89 MB) Binary:  objectdb-2.1.1.zip You should start by following a  tutorial or reading the manual ...


Doctor bug?

Please see the attached .odb file. It was freshly created by my web application, and just very few entries have been posted to the database yet. But still the doctor reports a whole bunch of errors. My application seems to function properly though. I guess this is a bug in the doctor? Using version 2.4.1. I get  Bug Version: 2.4.1 Priority: Normal Status: Fixed Replies: 2 Type:  Bug ...


Unexpected error when loading all entity instance

Hi, when going through all entity instance to find orphaned entries we get the exception: Bug Version: 2.7.0 Priority: Critical Status: Fixed Replies: 19 Type:  Bug ...



Instances of the type MappedSuperclassType represent mapped superclass types.(Interface of JPA)


ObjectDB enhancement fails on "is" form for @Transient boolean isLoaded(), ok for "getter" form @Transient boolean getLoaded()

Older objectdb-2.4.0_06, Java6. For the following (note the use of "is" form) in a class Element I encounter ObjectDB enhancement errors: Bug Version: 2.4.0 Priority: Normal Status: Fixed Replies: 1 Type:  Bug ...



Defines a primary key generator that may be referenced by name when a generator element is specified for the GeneratedValue annotation.(Annotation of JPA)



The PersistenceManagerFactory is the interface to use to obtain PersistenceManager instances.(Interface of JDO)


stress test -> com.objectdb.o.InternalException: null

I am running a stress test with 2 users, each making a request to the JSON API (which uses as storage ObjectDB) each 50 milliseconds. An API call might have between 1-4 db calls, but they are relatively light, and the db has just a few MB at the moment. After a few minutes I got this exception. If I decrease the load, it doesn't happen. If I increase it, I get it very often. Any solution/fix? A sample project is very hard, if not impossible, to create, because it uses all the system. ... entities in the persistence unit. See JavaDoc Reference Page... methods (e.g. entity) can register types without ...


JDO support vs JPA

Hi, I am about to update the JDO metadata in the package.jdo files after moving from ObjectDB 1 to 2. However I found that there is no complete description or guide how the XML metadata should look in version 2. I found only small fragments of attributes in the description of JDO Annotations (to which XML element is the given annotation equivalent). So my questions to this are: 1. Is there some description of XML metadata for ObjectDB ver2 using JDO which I did not find? ... Some information can also be found on DataNucleus (the JDO reference implementation) website. 2. You can combine annotations and ...


Internal Exception

Critical error:: com.objectdb.o.InternalException: Unexpected internal exception at com.objectdb.o.JPE.h(JPE.java:165) [objectdb-2.4.4_05.jar:] at com.objectdb.o.ERR.f(ERR.java:70) [objectdb-2.4.4_05.jar:] at com.objectdb.o.OBC.onObjectDBError(OBC.java:1505) [objectdb-2.4.4_05.jar:] at com.objectdb.jpa.JpaQuery.getSingleResult(JpaQuery.java:723) [objectdb-2.4.4_05.jar:] ... Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.objectdb.o.WVP.q(WVP.java:539) [objectdb-2.4.4_05.jar:] at com.objectdb.o.WVP.l(WVP.java:220) [objectdb-2.4.4_05.jar:] at com.objectdb.o.WV... ) ) OR ( UPPER ( $1 . reference ) LIKE UPPER ( '%Meier%' ) ) ...