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Configuration and Activation Code in ObjectDB 2.x

Hi ,   I would like to update the ObjectDB from 1.0 to 2.3.7_25. I used the License key for activating the odbee.jar file and got the activation code.It is mentioned in the side that i need to use the activation code using <activation> tag in the objectdb.conf file. In 1.x objectDB, we are not using any objectDB.conf file, we are just using setProperty method to set the different property e.g. properties.setProperty("javax.jdo.PersistenceManagerFactoryClass","com.objectdb.jdo.PMF"); ... objectdb.home or objectdb.conf system properties to reference internal resources. An objectdb.conf that contains only ...


IDs of Entities suddenly became UUIDs?

Hi, We're having our system with ObjectDB 2.4.5 in production since this year April and it works just fine. However, now we've discovered that suddenly partial Objects in some DBs in production do have a UUID String as their id instead of Long which is of course causing a lot of troubles. Note that this even occurrs on the same "Table" -- some saved Entitities of same type do still have a Long ID, others a String UUID. Our Base-Entity everything inherits from is declared as usual with Long: ... For example, changing IDs may affect other objects that reference these objects. If we can get access to the database maybe we can try ...


newbie - lots of exeptions

Hi  I'm very new to objectdb . I have bought a server and really want to use it. Our code works well with eclipselink and postgresql - until we stress it which is why I'm trying to get objected to work.   realy wierd things are going on ... we are using hessian to connect our remote clients to glass fish and invoke methods there (fine with postgresql) . here is our log (part of it at least .... exceptions are happening all the time when we're working with objected). ... javax.persistence.PersistenceException Failed to get reference value of field field ... by: com.objectdb.o.UserException: Failed to get reference value of field field ...



Release date: 2011-04-22 Download (5.07 MB) Binary:  objectdb-2.2.2.zip You should start by following a  tutorial or reading the manual ...


PersistenceManager.getObjectsById(Collection,boolean) throwing JDOException

I have a call to getObjectsById(Collection,boolean) that is throwing a JDOException the first time I'm attempting to retrieve an object. If I try again, then the second request succeeds. Any idea why this might occur? We're using ObjectDB 2.2.4_02. The collection being passed in is a HashSet<Object> containing a single oid object (the method is written to support multiple objects, but it seems to only be failing irregularly when only a single oid is present). I'm passing false in as the verification argument. #1 2011-05-24 21:06 I have a call to getObjectsById(Collection,boolean) that is throwing a JDOException the first time I'm attemp ...


Saving custom list which implements java.util.List fails

Hi, I'm evaluating ObjectDB for storing Objects modeled with Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and encountered the following problem:   I took the Point-example from the tutorial and added a list-attribute which is declared as java.util.List but the actual Object MyList just extends ArrayList as shown below. ... class will implement java.util.List and will have a reference to  java.util.ArrayList  instance as a persistent field. ...


Replicated cluster recovery

If I create a replicated database cluster as per http://www.objectdb.com/java/jpa/tool/replication what is the behaviour of the master database after a failure? For example, say I have MasterDB and SlaveDB in the cluster. If MasterDB goes offline the application will automatically switch to SlaveDB. When MasterDB comes back online it will have missed any activity that occured during the downtime. ... - between a main url and backup urls, which may also reference databases on different nodes. ObjectDB ...



FetchGroup represents a named fetch group for a specific class or interface.(Interface of JDO)


Storing objects problem

I want to save this object to database: @Entity public class Device { private String name; private String type; private String ipAddress; private Device parent; @Id private String ID; private String ID_HZMO; @ElementCollection private List<Device> children; }    ... it explicitly. For example, by adding an annotation to a reference: @ OneToMany ( cascade = ...


java.lang.ClassCastException in OSGi runtime when loading data from DB

Hello, I'm trying to use ObjectDB in an OSGi environment (Karaf 4.0.7). I'm now facing ClassCastExceptions on my "entity" classes when I try to read data from the DB. In a very old (2011?) forum entry this problem was already discussed and it appears to be related to classloader problems. My entity is a dedicated bundle. I have one bundle with the database service (doing the actual objectdb actions -> persist, query etc). ... with entity classes. Unfortunately we do not have a reference project, and since we do not develop OSGi bundles it seems that ...