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ODB with Netbeans

ODB2 allows JPA attributes to be public (which is great), but JPA does not. So, in Netbeans, with attributes like this: @Entity class A { public String name; } I get compile time errors "Instance variable for persistent attribute must not be public" How does one switch that off in Netbeans? ... @ Entity class A { public String name ; } I get compile time errors "Instance ...


TreeSet and compareTo() issue

Hi I'm trying to use TreeSet but getting NPE on the compareTo() method when it does a find(): ... by: java.lang.NullPointerException at java.lang.String$CaseInsensitiveComparator.compare(String.java:1192) at java.lang.String$CaseInsensitiveComparator.compare(String.java:1186) at ...



(Class of java.utilClass EventObject)


java.sql.Timestamp with milliseconds

Using JPA with other providers java.util.Date will not provide support to store milliseconds, this can usually be overcome using (see here http://docs.oracle.com/javase/1.5.0/docs/api/java/sql/Timestamp.html) @Id @Column(name = "STMP") @Temporal(TemporalType.TIMESTAMP) private Timestamp timestamp; However with ObjectDB the milliseconds are not being stored, as shown this is an ID field and I am encountering duplicate ID errors trying to create multiple entries in the same second. ...   public static void main ( String [ ] args ) { ...


JPA-Query does not lead to any result

Hi, we have a database with a Entitiy inside which we want to fetch with a query. Normally that works without a problem, but in case of this database that query does not have any results. Can anyome help us what the problem is? SELECT FROM UserModelData usr WHERE usr.userName = 'admin' Attached are two databases, one where the query has a result and one where the query does not has any results. ... the first index entry contains a number (0) rather than a string ("admin"). If you have more information about this specific file ...


Drop in Client/server mode not working

Hi, can't seem to get drop to work in c/s mode: version: objectdb-2.3.5_04 config: <extensions drop="tmp" /> url: 'objectdb://localhost/testStorage1.tmp;drop;user=admin;password=admin'   suggestions? David   ...   public static void main ( String [ ] args ) { ...



Interface used to interact with the entity manager factory for the persistence unit.(Interface of JPA)



This interface is used to provide fields to the Object id instance.(Interface of JDO)


jdoCopyKeyFieldsFromObjectId(fm, oid)

Copy fields to an outside consumer from the key fields in the ObjectId.(Method of javax.jdo.spi.PersistenceCapable)


Error: Failed to write value of field X using reflection (oneToMany relation)

Hi there! I have been all day trying to solve this. I have read multiple sites and documentation, but I can go through this. I have a clase named Pedido, that have a reference ManyToOne to a clase Cliente. ... has nothing in special. Just a few variables. String , int , and an embedded class .   The problem is ...