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Issue with orphanRemoval and multiple EntityManagers

Hi, We have a problem where our database size grows over time more than expected. We've traced it down to the following issue: ... are using OneToMany relationship with orphanRemoval set to true. I use a new EntityManager for each transaction (which normally happens in ... = FetchType . EAGER , orphanRemoval = true ) private List<ElectronicAddress> ...


Sample JDO Architecture for Follow Up Questions

I am trying to finalize on my application's JDO and ObjectDB archieture.  I have done documentation survey (reading JDO books, studying ObjectDB's documents and forum) and have designed what I think is the best architecture for my particular application usage model. ... single PersistenceManager, which is set for multiThreaded=true. * There are a limited number of threads to maximize available CPU ... PersistenceManager.getObjectById(myApplicationId, true) may be all that is needed, so no overhead for extend, queries, or ...


Issue with cascade delete & add/remove

Hi, Please see the attached sample project (important: classes need to be enhanced as done in the pom.xml file). ... of Address which cascades deletes (orphanRemoval=true) to its children which is what we want. However, when removing an Address ... = CascadeType . ALL , orphanRemoval = true ) private List<Address> addresses = null ...


turn off auto-serialization

Hi    As far as I understand if you have a classe that implements Serializable and is referenced by an Entity it will be automatically stored using standard serialization mechanizm.  Is there any option to turn off that feature so that if an un-enhanced (Serializable) class is referenced an error will be printed ??   Thanks in advance b ... config settings : <persist serialization="true" />   moreover that exception is raised before any ... and actually only when the configuration is changed to true the build passes. Please verify that you changed the correct ...


How best to unbind all names?

My JDO application does inserts with binds, and then subsequently does bulk deletes using this code: ... extent = pm. getExtent ( ABC. class , true ) ; Query q = pm. newQuery ( extent ... of classes (10) and objects (1000000). It is true that in ObjectDB 1.x the free edition had no index support. ...



Defines a single-valued association to another entity that has one-to-one multiplicity.(Annotation of JPA)


NPE at com.objectdb.jpa.JpaQuery.getResultList

This is very similar to issue #51  raised by kaosko .   So perhaps I should have added it there.  Anyway, here it is....   ... return findMomentPayloadEntities ( true , - 1 , - 1 ) ; }   public ... return findMomentPayloadEntities ( true , - 1 , - 1 ) ; }   public ...


mapping file is not being loaded

Hi, I am evaluating ObjectDB by using it with an in-house developed library in order to prototype its capabilities / performance. I am having a problem in that the in-house library in question reads a simple configuration file to determine available persistence units, and then bootstraps them using the JPA Persistance.createEntityManagerFactory() method and passing in the persistence unit name (again, obtained from the configuration file ). ... > <exclude-unlisted-classes > true </exclude-unlisted-classes > <properties > ... exclude-unlisted-classes to false rather than true . ObjectDB Support ObjectDB - Fast Object ...


Is it possible to remove parent/child entities without refresh?

We have a big object tree in our project. If I use the entityManage.remove method a entityManager.refresh is necessary in order to have an updated object tree in memory. But entityManager.refresh is too slow for our project. Do you know a possibilty to remove parent/child entities without entityManager.refresh after the entityManager.remove operation? I have searched for a solution with the following unit test (See testRemoveVariant2()). But my approach works correctly. Do you have an idea? ... mappedBy = "parent" , orphanRemoval = true ) @ MapKey ( name = "childName" ) ... ( "d: \\ Temp \\ RemoveTest.odb" , true ) ;   ParentEntity parentEntity = new ...



... Fixed NullPointerException when using AND TRUE in WHERE clause (issue #201). Fixed an exception when ... Fixed a bug in applying orphanRemoval=true by default on mapped by (inverse) relationships. Fixed a ...