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... #78 ). Added support of @Column(unique="true") and equivalent ORM XML ( issue #79 ). Fixed ...


Doctor - high memory usage

Hi, Is it possible to reduce Doctor memory usage? Right now for recovering 67MB database, I need to set heap space to at least 450MB. Even then whole process takes ages. Optimal setting for this database is about 650MB. It's about ten times of size of database. ... is only for relatively small databases. It is true, however, that it is slow. But since it is a background tool (integrity ...


Removing an entity throws exception

Hi all, I'm testing ObjectDB for my project, but I have troubles with it. At this time I'm not able to remove customer entity, when it's read by a query (it's attached), it throws this exception: Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.RuntimeException: com.objectdb.o._RollbackException: Failed to commit transaction: 51 ... ... optional = false , orphanRemoval = true ) private Address address ;   @ ...


How to upgrade from ObjectDB 1.0?

Explains how to upgrade from ObjectDB 1.0 to ObjectDB 2.0.... XML metadata ( <class name="MyClass" embedded-only="true"> in package.jdo ). Changes to native arrays ( int[] , ...


Optimistic lock failed

Hi, I frequently see exceptions during development such as com.objectdb.o._RollbackException: Failed to commit transaction: Optimistic lock failed for object com.example.MyEntity#3 (object has version 1 instead of 3) Could you please explain what this means, and what I can do about it. Thanks you, Carl     ... /> <recording enabled = "true" sync = "false" path = "." mode = "write" /> ...


Relationships and tracking changes

3. Object relationship I try to create a 1->n relation (EBVerlag is 1 and EBUser is n) between two tables: Table "EBVerlag": ... is different than the old value, then I call setChanged(true). Is there a better way to manage such changes (maybe automatically?). ...


ObjectDB eclipse plugin

Hello, Creating an eclipse plugin from the downloadable objectdb.jar file DOES NOT work in the eclipse OSGi environment (at least that is my experience). Could we have a genuine eclipse plugin from ObjectDB that works? You already have a pluging that integrates Objectdb with BIRT, so it seems it should not be difficult. The downloads could now have both the eclipse plugin as well as the usual jar. Let me know what you think.   Thanks ... are other feature requests with higher priority. True, I concurr that IT WORKS. However consider the bloat that is added ...



Instances of the type IdentifiableType represent entity or mapped superclass types.(Interface of JPA)


Speed of queries that return many objects

Hi, I have a DB of 146MB - with 1_000_000 elements. Loading the contents (objectDB query in java) takes about 10sec. I am using a recent MacBook (SSD blabla - disk I/O speed is about 400MB/sec - according to blackMagicTest app for mac) - so I was expecting the query to take less than one sec (146/400 = 0.35sec.. + some overhead). I was wondering if this kind of speed is "normal", or if this is something I should investigate. Thanks EKK ... ) ; } if ( true ) { long t1 = System. ...



Instances of the type MappedSuperclassType represent mapped superclass types.(Interface of JPA)