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newbie - lots of exeptions

Hi  I'm very new to objectdb . I have bought a server and really want to use it. Our code works well with eclipselink and postgresql - until we stress it which is why I'm trying to get objected to work.   realy wierd things are going on ... we are using hessian to connect our remote clients to glass fish and invoke methods there (fine with postgresql) . here is our log (part of it at least .... exceptions are happening all the time when we're working with objected). ... LDR5207: ASURLClassLoader EarClassLoader : doneCalled = true doneSnapshot = ASURLClassLoader.done() called ON EarClassLoader : urlSet = ...


query.getResultList() throws ClassCastException

I modified the example code to include an index on the Point class like so:     @Index(members={"x","y"}) Then when I run the following query:     TypedQuery<Point> query = em.createQuery("SELECT p FROM Point p where p.x <= :x and p.y >= :y",         Point.class); I get the exception at the end.  I do not get an exception if I: ... to use a configuration XML, and was running with agent="true" on JDK 6, so hopefully that's good enough.  I need to look into ...



Interface used to interact with the persistence context.(Interface of JPA)


Join performance in Objectdb

select count(e) from Meta e, ImageNet i, Page p where e.idImage=i.id and e.idPage=p.id; So simple a command cause me half an hour and is running now! Each table has about 160K records. What formula can predict the time for such counting? TIA ... implicit index for the @Id in JPA, right? That is true. > 2, I add @index to each field of idxxxx; I am not ...


JPA / JDO Class Enhancer

The Enhancer is a post compilation tool that improves performance by modifying the byte code of compiled classes after compilation.... classname = "com.objectdb.Enhancer" fork = "true" classpath = "c:\objectdb\bin\objectdb.jar" > ...


com.objectdb.o.InternalException: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: null:

The following error appears under and extended persistence context, and with creation, configuration and wiring code that is known to work perfectly with EclipseLink+Glassfish: SEVERE: Unexpected internal exception ... ( owner, element ) ; //return true; }   /** * Wraps central {@link #persist} ...


Querying error - java.lang.ClassCastException: com.objectdb.o.STV

I'm getting the ClassCastException below when querying objects. As yet I haven't been able to track down the exact circumstance in which it occurs - saving and querying objects works fine on attempts to recreate - but presumably at some point an object gets saved which objectdb doesn't like. Any pointers as to what is wrong or approaches to investigate further would be much appreciated. ... ( "com.objectdb.disable.optimization.small" , "true" ) ; But it might help (if at all) only with a new ...


Navigation through lazy loading from Detached Objects

A main limitation of detached objects (as explained on the Detached Entities manual page) is: ... // System.setProperty("objectdb.temp.no-detach", "true");   EntityManagerFactory emf = ...


Error 363 - Failed to read value of inverse relationship

I've got two objects: @Entity public class EEvent { @Id @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO) private long id; @ManyToOne(optional=false) private ETown town; public ETown getTown() { return town; } public void setTown(ETown town) { this.town = town; } } And: ... boolean validated = false , avatarEnabled = true ;   @ Column ( nullable = false ... false ; } return true ; }   public static void main ...


Empty temporary dat files in the temp folder

Hello, We have questions regarding the pagesX.dat files in the temp directory. We detected a problem on a machine with ‘only’ 2GB free memory on disc drive C:/ because during using our Product the %temp%/objectdb_123... folder growth up to 2GB. And then we run into some following errors due to lack of memory. ... setProperty ( "objectdb.temp.page-file" , "true" ) ;   String dbA = ...