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Running JPA Queries

Explains how to use JPA to run Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL) queries.... Reference Page... returns a result list of a raw type (non generic) instead of a parameterized (generic) type: Query javax.persistence.Query JPA interface ...


zip file or JAR manifest missing

I found the message: Error opening zip file or JAR manifest missing: /E:/projects/ObjectDB/bin/objectdb.jar Some of projects can read the DB, but others can not read or write the DB. ... ] javax. persistence . PersistenceException Type ItemList is not found ( error 301 ) at com. ... Caused by : com. objectdb . o . TEX : Type ItemList is not found at com. objectdb . o . MSG . e ...



Represents a simple or compound attribute path from a bound type or collection, and is a "primitive" expression.(Interface of JPA)



The Subquery interface defines functionality that is specific to subqueries.(Interface of JPA)


Collections in JPQL and Criteria Queries

Shows how collections and maps can be used in JPQL queries.... to use both operators ( IN and MEMBER OF) with any type of collection, so in ObjectDB these operators are treated ... JPA interface Type for query expressions. See JavaDoc Reference Page... ... JPA interface Type for query expressions. See JavaDoc Reference Page... ...


JPA Query Expressions (JPQL / Criteria)

Describes JPA query (JPQL / Criteria API) expressions (literals, operators and functions).... Create an expression for a null literal with the given type. See JavaDoc Reference Page... , currentDate ... attribute. See JavaDoc Reference Page... , type type() Path's method Create an expression corresponding ...


NullpointerException when execute a merge

How can we analyze the cause of an "Unexpected internal exception"?   We create an object tree that is persisted with "merge()". Then we want to persist “merge()” an new object of a different type.   [we use ObjectDb 2.6.0_3] ... persist “merge()” an new object of a different type.   [we use ObjectDb 2.6.0_3] Caused by: ... PK before persisting the first instance of this entity type to the database. Please try build 2.6.0_04 that includes a fix. ...



Provides access to the metamodel of persistent entities in the persistence unit.(Interface of JPA)


objectdb-2.6.9_02 (with "objectdb.temp.no-enhancement-crc-check") vs. generic classes with interfaces: detailed investigation

objectdb-2.6.9_02 (with "objectdb.temp.no-enhancement-crc-check" system property) The following is a detailed report on investigation of multiple issues that have been mentioned in the following forum postings and issue reports (but please do not visit them from here now, the diagnostics there are now obsolete): - Issue #282 - ObjectDB-2.6.9: Failed to commit transaction: Failed to set numeric value of field property Element.id using reflection ... -  Possible cause for "Enhancement of type ... is old and cannot be used" This report concerns ... some extent. You can use a generics class parameter as the type of a persistent field, but in that case ObjectDB will consider that persistent field type as java.lang.Object. Build 2.6.9_02 supports an option to ...



Types of the member.(Annotation Element of javax.jdo.annotations.Persistent)