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SSL Configuration

Explains how to set Secure Socket Layer (SSL) in the ObjectDB fast Java object database for JPA/JDO.... two files: A Keystore file that functions as a unique signature of your server. This file contains general details (such as ...


Non Embedded byte[]

I am trying to understand the "embedded=false" for JDO byte[] as described in ObjectDB 1.0 Manual, sections 4.3 and 4.4.   I desire to store an image as a byte[] but I don't want the byte[] to be loaded on the loading of the persistent object that has my image's attributes.  The byte[] would only be loaded from the datastore if my image's attribute evaluation deemed that it need to be loaded.   Can you give a JDO example of how to achieve this?   For example: ... byte[], if not embedded, stored as a single "blob" as a unique ObjectDB persisted object?  (The section 4.4 talks about how each ...


Defining a JPA Entity Class

Shows how to define a JPA entity class in order to store objects in the database.... above, an entity class is an ordinary Java class. The only unique JPA addition is the @Entity javax.persistence.Entity JPA ...



Defines a single-valued association to another entity that has one-to-one multiplicity.(Annotation of JPA)


Criteria query error: Unexpected query token

Using JPA2, I can save entities now in JBoss, and also fetch them uniquely by id. However, if I try to fetch it by getting back all instances (e.g. findAll, I get the following error:   #1 2011-04-09 10:27 Using JPA2, I can save entities now in JBoss, and also fetch them uniquely by id. However, if I try to fetch it b ...



Interface used to interact with the persistence context.(Interface of JPA)



The ObjectId returned by this method represents the JDO identity of the instance.(Method of javax.jdo.PersistenceManager)



(Optional) Unique constraints that are to be placed on the table.(Annotation Element of javax.persistence.JoinTable)



Returns the list of the names of the mapping files that the persistence provider must load to determine the mappings for the entity classes.(Method of javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceUnitInfo)


using objectdb.jar in writing data to mariadb or mysql db

Hello All, ... API and in some cases JPQL or must i store to an Objectdb unique database? Moreso, does Objectdb have backup tools to back up the ...