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Wrong @Id type

Hi,  I have noticed some values of id column suddenly switched to int, although it is declared as long in our java class. Do you have idea why this happened? Screenshot attached.   ... Please see this forum thread . Which ObjectDB version are you using? Try the last ObjectDB version, which should fix this issue/ To repair IDs that have already changed ...


Recommendation - concurrent access multiple class v

Hi! I've just started to architect a new system, stateless JSON API, which is expected to have very high load and to require more servers for parallel deployments (same app across multiple servers). I am considering using ObjectDB, because of its advantages and easy usage, but I'm afraid that it might get corrupted because the manual says that we must not access ObjectDB with different versions of a class. Let's take the following scenario: ... Would ObjectDB support this scenario, where the previous version of a class is used by some servers, then others come with the new version, then finally all of them get the new version? So...basically...concurrent access with version x and version ...


How to deploy an Objectdb project with Jboss AS 7?

Hi, I cannot deploy Guestbook project to Jboss AS 7. I followed the previous threads concerning the issue of deploying it to Jboss 6 but still cannot do it right. It still cannot find the provider. Is there an instruction how to deploy objectdb project to Jboss AS 7 step by step?   I used objectdb-jee.jar instead of objectdb.jar I used persistence.xml with the sentence <jta-data-source>java:/DefaultDS</jta-data-source>   ... 04:56:01,160 INFO [org.jboss.modules] JBoss Modules version 1.1.1.GA 04:56:01,336 INFO [org.jboss.msc] JBoss MSC version 1.0.2.GA 04:56:01,382 INFO [org.jboss.as] JBAS015899: JBoss AS ... "Brontes" starting 04:56:02,040 INFO [org.xnio] XNIO Version 3.0.3.GA 04:56:02,040 INFO [org.jboss.as.server] JBAS015888: Creating ...


Problem to use find method on an abstract Class: AbstractMethodError is thrown

Hi, I'm using JBoss AS 7 WildFly with ObjectDB installed as a module ( also Java 7, Eclipse Juno) In my db there are objects of type SentenceStatement which inherit from type LogicalObject  When I use find method mentioning SentenceStatement everything works just fine but when I use this method mentioning LogicalObject I get AbstractMethodError Please see services.Tester class with the 2 options for a better ease    this is the stack trace when I try to find LogicalObject: ... 08:17:21,359 INFO [org.jboss.modules] JBoss Modules version 1.1.1.GA 08:17:21,544 INFO [org.jboss.msc] JBoss MSC version 1.0.2.GA 08:17:21,588 INFO [org.jboss.as] JBAS015899: JBoss AS ... "Brontes" starting 08:17:22,209 INFO [org.xnio] XNIO Version 3.0.3.GA 08:17:22,209 INFO [org.jboss.as.server] JBAS015888: Creating ...



Lock modes can be specified by means of passing a LockModeType argument to one of the javax.persistence.EntityManager methods that take locks (lock, find, or refresh) or to the Query.setLockMode() or TypedQuery.setLockMode() method.(Enum of JPA)


problems using the explorer

we are currently evaluating objectDB. Environment OSX 10.9.2, JavaSE-1.7 Version: Kepler Service Release 2 Build id: 20140224-0627 ObjectDB 2.5.5 Maven project, objectDB relevant sections: ... ... Environment OSX 10.9.2, JavaSE-1.7 Version: Kepler Service Release 2 Build id: 20140224-0627 ObjectDB ... > objectdb </artifactId > <version > 2.2.5 </version > </dependency > ...


Performance problem

Hi, we have a strange performance problem with ObjectDB 2.5.3_01 and JBoss 7.1.1. We have two ObjectDB databases on one ObjectDB server. Production database is running 5-10 times slower than test database. Their size and number of records are almost identical. When running production database in separate test environment its speed is very good. We did a performance analysis on our 2 linux servers one running JBOSS and other running ObjectDB. - CPU utilization of JBOSS server is max 5-10% (per core)... hi, additional info,  First version of query gives result in 50ms for first 40 records from database but second version which queries 40+ records gives 19 seconds. We pinpointed that from he ...


Spring MVC Errors

I try to import the project from the tutorial but when doing so I get errors: 1. http://i.imgur.com/tbIsj.png and then when I try to start it anyways I get things like thaat: 2. http://i.imgur.com/G7UVu.png any ideas ? I installed m2eclipse plugin and Maven Integration for WTP and then I import Maven project from disk and this is what I get ... ;( ... Please make sure that you are using the last ObjectDB version with the sample project that is bundled with that version, because from another issue that you reported it seems that you are ...


JPA Query Criteria API (JPA 2.0)

The JPA Criteria API supports dynamic definition of JPQL queries using CriteriaBuilder as a factory. ObjectDB supports dynamic definition of JPQL queries as strings and expected to support also the new JPA 2 Criteria API in future versions.   JPA Feature Version: Priority: Normal Status: Fixed Replies: 2 ... the JPA Criteria Query API was just added to ObjectDB in version 2.1.1_01. It will be officially supported and documented starting version 2.2, which is expected to be released later this month. ...


How to Use a SF with extended Persistence Context?

Hey, I have a problem to use SF with an Extended Persistence Context Regarding to Transactions. The need for an extended persistence Context emerges for the need to create queries in advance for fast execution so I need to store the queries and I need an EntityManager that doesn't get closed between calls. When I call the SF directly no problem happens but if I use SL to hold a reference to the SF I get com.objectdb.o._PersistenceException: Attempt to begin a new transaction when a transaction is active. ... 13:52:01,121 INFO  [org.jboss.modules] JBoss Modules version 1.1.1.GA 13:52:01,304 INFO  [org.jboss.msc] JBoss MSC version 1.0.2.GA 13:52:01,347 INFO  [org.jboss.as] JBAS015899: JBoss ...