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ODB 2 JDO enhancement

If I label a class @PersistenceCapable do I still need to explicitly enhance? Do I need a package.jdo file? This question relates to experiences with ODB 1, in which one has to: a) create a package.jdo, and b) run the Enhancer In my experience, using this with Tomcat, and running the enhancer in the contextListener class, there would often be errors relating to 'class not persistent capable'. So, in ODB 2 is there a way to mark a class as @PersistentCapable, and then let ODB take care of enhancement automatically?... Annotations (@PersistenceCapable / @Entity) replace the XML metadata (e.g. package.jdo). Enhancement is another issue. ObjectDB 2 ...


GlassFish 7.1.1

Good day, We have few troubles with GlassFish on @remote. When we wants to get entity from remote interface, but in the result we have null in all entity fields. As I see there is a GlassFish problem (http://www.java.net/forum/topic/glassfish/glassfish/cant-return-entity-ejbs-remote-ejb). May be you have some ideas?  When we just try JBoss 7.1.1 nothing works at all. When I get a real world objectdb deployment example?    Thanks.  ... Specialists in model-based UML, SysML, Enterprise Java, XML, and Drupal CMS web engineering. Dr Darren Kelly, BSc, PhD, ...  directory). Add to the persistence.xml file a request to load the ObjectDB module. Build 2.4.3 ...


[ODB1] Chapter 3 - Persistent Classes

Explains what a persistence capable class is and which types are supported by JDO.... class has to: be declared in a JDO metadata file in XML format. include a no-arg constructor. implement the ...



Annotation for a database index.(Annotation of JDO)



The standard JDO configuration schema namespace.(Static Field of javax.jdo.Constants)



The name of the resource for the XML schema of the standard JDO object-relational mapping metadata file.(Static Field of javax.jdo.Constants)



Annotation for the discriminator of the class.(Annotation of JDO)



Annotation to specify that the class is persistence-aware.(Annotation of JDO)



Annotation for the datastore identity of the class.(Annotation of JDO)


Undeploying Glassfish web application does not disconnect from ObjectDB

Glassfish3.1.1 Netbeans7.1 ObjectDB 2.3.7_19 If I deploy a web application to Glassfish using ObjectDB as JPA provider, then undeploy, I can't access the database file in the ObjectDB explorer, the explorer claims the database file is being accessed by another process. If I restart Glassfish I can open the database file in the ObjectDB explorer ok. ... Specialists in model-based UML, SysML, Enterprise Java, XML, and Drupal CMS web engineering. Dr Darren Kelly, BSc, PhD, ...