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ORDER BY problem, when String starts with language specific character
by anaq,
6 posts
last by anaq,
6by anaq,
String Encoding Issue
by macroselfian,
2 posts
last by support,
2by support,
Run out of memory
by dave,
2 posts
last by support,
2by support,
Exception when dataset bigger than treshold
by lwalkowski,
7 posts
last by lwalkowski,
7by lwalkowski,
Threaded Test - Failed to commit transaction: Unexpected internal exception
by felixobjectdb,
17 posts
last by support,
17by support,
by cmahony,
8 posts
last by cmahony,
8by cmahony,
Page size - changing after database creation
by lwalkowski,
2 posts
last by support,
2by support,
Connection is closed Caused by: java.io.EOFException
by longpat,
6 posts
last by longpat,
6by longpat,
New Tutorial: Using BIRT with ObjectDB/JPA
by support,
1 post1by support,
Reporting Engine?
by kevine,
3 posts
last by support,
3by support,
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