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Auto Generated Values

Marking a field with the api/java/jpa/GeneratedValue">@GeneratedValue ... ="/api/java/jpa/GeneratedValue">@GeneratedValue with the api/java/jpa/GenerationType/AUTO">AUTO strategy: api/java/jpa

Strings in JPQL and Criteria Queries

. The api/java/jpa/criteria/CriteriaBuilder">CriteriaBuilder interface provides ... ="pre-java"> // Create path and parameter expressions: api/java/jpa/criteria/Expression">Expression<String> path = country.api/java/jpa/criteria/Path/get_String

JPA Entity Fields

the JPA api/java/jpa/Transient">@Transient annotation (which only affects persistence): api/java/jpa/Entity">@Entity public class ... persistent because of transient api/java/jpa/Transient">@Transient int transient4

Storing JPA Entity Objects

the api/java/jpa/EntityManager/persist_Object">persist method or implicitly as ... ", "Wurzelbacher"); em.api/java/jpa/EntityManager/getTransaction">getTransaction().api/java/jpa/EntityTransaction/begin">begin(); em.api/java/jpa/EntityManager/persist

Setting and Tuning of JPA Queries

The api/java/jpa/Query">Query and api/java/jpa/TypedQuery">TypedQuery interfaces define various setting and tuning methods ... is run using api/java/jpa/TypedQuery/getResultList">getResultList or api/java

Locking in JPA

>During api/java/jpa/EntityTransaction/commit">commit (and api ... to the version number of the in-memory object being updated. The transaction fails and an api/java ... ="/api/java/jpa/EntityManager">EntityManager) since it was retrieved by the current

Retrieving JPA Entity Objects

The Java Persistence API (JPA) provides various ways to retrieve objects from ... . Given an api/java/jpa/EntityManager">EntityManager em Employee employee = em.api/java/jpa/EntityManager

Shared (L2) Entity Cache

Every api/java/jpa/EntityManager">EntityManager owns ... entity object. The scope of the persistence context is one api/java/jpa ... of entity objects, which is managed by the api/java/jpa/EntityManagerFactory">

Database Connection using JPA

Working with the Java Persistence API (JPA) consists of using the following interfaces ... to a database is represented by an api/java/jpa/EntityManager">EntityManager instance, for every HTTP request. The main role of an api/java/jpa

Index Definition

indexes, but JDO does. The following entity definition uses JDO’s api/java/jdo/annotations/Index">@Index and api/java/jdo/annotations/Unique">@Uniqueapi/java/jpa/Entity">@Entity public class