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="superinterfaces"> Superinterfaces: api ... > , api/java/jpa/criteria/FetchParent" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">FetchParent<Z,X> , api


="superinterfaces"> Superinterfaces: api ... ; , api/java/jpa/criteria/FetchParent" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">FetchParent<X,X> , api

Criteria Query Selection and Results

The JPA Criteria API interfaces in this group are used for setting the SELECT and ORDER ... > api/java/jpa/query/criteria/select" select="Selection"> , any api/java/jpa/queries/criteria">criteria expression can be used as the SELECT


> API is used to create and remove persistent entity instances, to find entities by their primary key ... > See Also: api/java/jpa/Query" title="Interface in javax.persistence">Query api/java/jpa/TypedQuery" title="Interface in javax


="superinterfaces"> Superinterfaces: api ... >AbstractQuery<T> , api/java/jpa/criteria/Expression" title ... ="/api/java/jpa/criteria/Selection" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">Selection<T

Working with JPA Entity Objects

is not yet associated with an api/java/jpa/EntityManager">EntityManager when it is persisted to the database via an EntityManager’s api/java/jpa/EntityManager/persist_Object">persistapi/java/jpa/EntityManager/persist_Object

ObjectDB - Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

software for developing Java database applications using the Java Persistence API (JPA). It is the first ... ... Protect your investment. Use a standard Java API ... with built in support for the two standard Java database APIs:


"> Implemented Interfaces: api/java ... method"> api/java/jdo/JDOHelper/JDOHelper ... "> api


class="header"> void api/java/jdo/PersistenceManagerFactory ... ( api/java/jdo/FetchGroup" title="Interface in javax.jdo">FetchGroup ... name. The methods api/java/jdo/PersistenceManagerFactory/addFetchGroups_FetchGroup


"> boolean api/java/jdo/spi/StateManager/getBooleanField ... > ( api/java/jdo/spi/PersistenceCapable" title="Interface in javax.jdo.spi ... ="header"> byte api/java/jdo/spi/StateManager/getByteField