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JPA Web Application Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to create and run a database driven Java web application using Tomcat 6, ObjectDB and JPA. The demo web application manages a basic guestbook page. Every visitor ... . This tutorial is available in the following versions: In addition the demonstrated application is available as a Maven project:

Server Configuration

The <server> configuration element specifies settings for running an ObjectDB Server. The server ... > configuration elements. The default configuration file contains the following <server> element: <server>

Server User List

The configuration element lists the users that are allowed to access the ObjectDB Server ... a username and a password that have to be provided when the user connects to the server. The optional ip attribute, if specified, restricts the user to connect to the server only from the specified IP

Step 4: Run the Application

You can run the application now by right clicking the Main.java node (in the [Package Explorer] window) and selecting Run As > Java Application. The expected output in the Eclipse [Console] window ... ) When you run the application for the first time, a new ObjectDB database file is generated in

Step 4: Run the Application

You can run the application now by right clicking the Main node (in the [Projects] window ... .5 (0,0) (1,1) (2,2) (3,3) : : (998,998) (999,999) When you run the application ... installation directory. Running the application again will use the existing database file to store

Database Connection using JPA

functionality for performing operations on a database. Many applications require multiple database connections during their lifetime. For instance, in a web application it is common to establish a separate ... , but it is a one time operation. Once constructed, it can serve the entire application. Operations that modify

Chapter 6 - Configuration

> ... <server> ... server> ... ... application, in which objectdb.jar is located in WEB-INF

Database server with an application

Hi, I read the database server section of the manual - and it looks like it is not possible to connect to a Database embedded with an application from another application - is that correct? The way to go is to have the DB server running by itself and then the 2 other applications connecting

Embedding ObjectDB on server application

I'm trying to integrate ObjectDB as part of a server software I am developing. I'm a little lost ... ? Here's the stack trace: (starting on 4th line is server app's trace) javax.persistence ... , the server middleware is responsible to load the jars dependencies, and objectdb wasn't getting loaded

JPA Tutorials

on full application servers (such as Oracle GlassFish, Red Hat JBoss, IBM WebSphere and Oracle ... Since this web application uses Java EE 6 EJB (session beans) it requires a full Java EE 6 application server ... The following tutorials demonstrate how to develop database driven applications using JPA