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Step 3: Create an ObjectDB Data Source

Connections to the database are represented in BIRT as data sources. To create an ObjectDB data source: Open the [New Data Source] dialog box by right clicking the Data Sources node in the [Data ... . The next step is using this data source to create a data set for the BIRT report.

Entity with java.util.Date column gives ClassCastException in BIRT

it in ObjectDB 2.5.3_02. After creating an ObjectDB BIRT DataSource and a DataSet, entered a simple ... ;     } } Exception on previewing query results: org.eclipse.birt.data.engine.odaconsumer.OdaDataException ... .birt.data.engine.odaconsumer.ExceptionHandler.newException(ExceptionHandler.java:55) at org.eclipse

ObjectDB BIRT Driver Update

The ObjectDB BIRT/ODA driver is an extension of the open source Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) that adds support of ObjectDB as a data source and JPQL as a data set query language ... , there should be a match between the ObjectDB BIRT client-server protocol version and an ObjectDB

BIRT Driver Improvements

Currently the ObjectDB BIRT driver has the following limitations that should be fixed: It works with Eclipse 3.6 and BIRT 2.6 but not with Eclipse 3.7 and BIRT 3.7. It is bound to a specific ObjectDB ... only with Eclipse but also with your runtime that, at the end, generates the BIRT reports

BIRT plugin: Trouble with Client/Server connection

I am having trouble setting up the birt points.odb sample with a client/server connection. I ... Workbench - 12.0.0.me201311281640         -Eclipse platform - 4.3.1.v20130911         -Birt - 4.3.1.me201311281640     ObjectDB Birt Plugin -     ObjectDB Server 2.5.6_04 Configurations


hi! There's an odb BIRT Driver at http://www.objectdb.com/java/jpa/tool/birt However: 1) It doesn't install/work with Eclipse / BIRT 3.7 (missing feature) 2) How would we install the driver into our environment? I mean, we're using the BIRT Runtime on our server but there's no odb connector avail

Deploying a BIRT Project using ObjectDB onto Tomcat

Hi I am currently having trouble deploying a BIRT Report onto Tomcat. The report works fine in ... a BIRT Report that is using ObjectDB to Tomcat or any other server for that matter. Thanks.   Currently there are no instructions for using ObjectDB+BIRT+Tomcat. Please try to follow general instructions

Report Generation with BIRT and JPA

hi In Report Generation with BIRT and JPA tutorial. step:1 completed but in step:2  "business ... that BIRT was installed by Help > About Eclipse > Installation Details. hi After Installation Details ... at Data Sources. here i attach a screen shoot below.   This could happen if you install BIRT but not

New Tutorial: Using BIRT with ObjectDB/JPA

Version 2.2.7 of ObjectDB added support of report generation using the popular open source Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT). The new Report Generation with BIRT and JPA tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to use BIRT to produce reports based on data in an ObjectDB database.    

Difficulty with the BIRT plugin

Hi, am trying to get the BIRT plugin to work. Firstly: connecting to an odb server doesn't seem to work (incompatible versions) - but there isn't any way to find out what version the BIRT plugin is using. Next: connecting directly to a file datasource seems to work, in the sense that I can ping