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Error occured during initialization of boot layer

.transaction.xa to module javafx.swt. Ps.: I am using Eclipse without maven and i am a hobby

Spring Data JPA - PersistenceException thrown


Getting Foreign Key

How to get Foreign key using  org.eclipse.persistence.queries.WriteObjectQuery class ..? please help me by using this class only..why means i am implementing audit log concept in my application, so i have forms like header level and line level forms. so when i

Performance in large transactions

the behavior. 1) Import all Eclipse Project's 2) And then Run the JUnit Tests

Starting Explorer programmatically

.objectdb:objectdb:2.7.5' compile 'org.eclipse.persistence:javax.persistence:2.2.0' compile 'javax

Broken @ManyToOne reference

that demonstrates the problem. support Support You'll find a tiny Eclipse project

Bidirectional OneToMany is slow on updated items

the contained eclipse launch configuration) Is there any way to speed it up?  

NullPointerException when using multithreading

the output when executing the attached program.  The test application is a simple Eclipse project

Better OSGI Compability

other OSGi bundles. Eclipse plugin specific issues and suggestions should be discussed

Minor grammatical error in Tutorial As is: "Running the application again will use the existing database file to store additional 1,000 objects." Recommended: Running the application again will use the existing database