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Failed to generate dynamic type

Hi  I was trying to enhance some of my classes and I got an error ... > bolo Boguslaw Fraszko one more thing ....  : how to increase Enhancer log level ... with that option file package.jdo?   in a doc there is output from enhancer

AbstractMethodError ... __odbSetTracker(Lcom/objectdb/spi/Tracker;)V

enhancement, which is not allowed. Please check if the exception is still thrown after a clean build and enhancement of all the classes. support Support Good morning, Without enhancing any entities, we get the error mentioned in first post. When we enhance

Spring MVC Errors

configuration: org.codehaus.mojo:exec-maven-plugin:1.2:java (execution: enhance, phase: process ... ; <executions> <execution> <id>enhance</id> <phase ... ; </goals> <configuration> <mainClass>com.objectdb.Enhancer<

ObjectDB Enincompatible with Quarkus?

>A Quarkus application that runs fine without enhancement but fails after classes are enhanced ... : it seems that ObjectDB's enhancer adds __ to methods ... its own corner with several enhanced methods that start with "__odb". This will be taken into

javax.jdo.JDOUserException Failed to locate field field exampleField using reflection (error 363)

>   We think, that we have properly enhanced classes ... it we are using following code: String allString = getAllPackagesAsString(); Enhancer.enhance(allString); Output of enhancement before running the test was:

OEM: Too many persistable types (>10) - exceeds evaluation limit (error 1011)

(with ObjectDB Enhanced classes) but my application fails with the error above when I ... recent versions. Please make sure that your classes are OEM enhanced. See enhancing confirmation checking code.  (It helped me find a build order priority issue.  I

Error during closing an entity manager

a workaround. We have just enhanced the entities and then it works as intended. But why this case does not perform without enhanced entities? btc_es BTC EmbeddedSystems The exception may be due to having partial enhancement. Mixing enhanced entity classes with non


fields should be updated in this method. This method is modified by the enhancer


> If jdoFieldFlags for a field includes CHECK_READ, then the field has been enhanced


> If jdoFieldFlags for a field includes CHECK_WRITE, then the field has been enhanced