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Should derived fields of an EmbeddedId be manually maintained by app code?

for maintaining a "map" of items, of type ECompoundKeyMapItem, identified by their "key ... " of subitems, of type "ECompoundKeyMapSubItem", identified by their keys. The embeddedId ... ; this.parent = parent; } [ObjectDB 2.3.0_01] Unexpected exception (Error 990) Generated by Java

Merge of entity classes with "mapped by" very slow

Hi, I have found a strange behavior when merging entities with "mapped by ... > Attached two examples - one with mapped by, second with adding entities list without "mapped by". The difference is huge event for such small objects - 2ms (without mapped by) vs ~50ms

Cannot sort descending, when ordering by caluculated float in a method

Hi, I have found an issue in ordering by a method. I have two entities : Invoice ... this query: (I know, it's not very efficient...) select i from Invoice i order by i.getPrice ... ;       "SELECT i FROM Invoice i ORDER BY i.getPrice() DESC");  

persistence.xml classes not respected by ObjectDB

machine. By adding class by class into that one, it seems that they ODB didn't merge all classes, as ... . Take as a proof the fact that they don't appear in the development DB, the DB that got added class by class, as development went by. Providing an example is a little bit more problematic

Multi threading on DMOs by lazy loading

It is possible to use lazy loading on fields of attached entities by several threads ... . Thread1 access fieldX by lazy loading. Thread2 access fieldY by lazy loading. Thread3 access list by lazy loading. Does the multi threading access on different fields work

Connection is closed Caused by:

but will fail after an undetermined period. Caused by: com ... ) ... 39 more Caused by: at com.objectdb.o.NTS.z( ... might create EntityManager instances without closing them. By

How to disable use of graphic windows by objectDB

.objectdb.Server.main( Caused by: GhostRider: Name ... .java:107) at com.objectdb.Server.main( Caused by: ... at com.objectdb.Server.main( Caused by:

Update is ignored by ObjectDB

> Automatic update following direct modification of fields is supported by ObjectDB if any ... . It is a good practice (and actually required by JPA but not enforced by ObjectDB) to avoid ... of the desired class should be used (e.g. by using the get and set methods). If you follow this practice

Bulk load of eager mapped by (inverse) relationships

When a collection of objects is retrieved by ObjectDB (e.g. by a query) ordinary ... for better performance. However, inverse (mapped by) references that have to be loaded eagerly ... should load eager mapped by (inverse) fields in bulk as well. support Support Bulk load

Lazy loading of mapped by (inverse) singular references

ObjectDB ignores lazy setting of non collection mapped by (inverse) fields and loads them always eagerly. This is allowed by JPA since lazy is only hint but it is not efficient. by (inverse) reference fields