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Problem with bidirectional link

(I had raised this issue in the past and have finally had time to come back to it and strip down the classes to a minimum). The problem seems to lie in having bidirectional links (viz, I have @OneToMany Map<String, Entry> children and @ManyToOne Entry parent in

Using aliases in WHERE clause


java.lang.ClassCastException in OSGi runtime when loading data from DB

doubling the classes and having to move data around between the Entities and DTOs. Many

Launching explorer giving some bugs

Hello , we are having problem when we try to launch explorer.jar from mac osx lion. jam gives these errors as shown below:   Jul 19 23:15:51 KadirBASOL.local java[10319] <Error>: CGContextGetCTM: invalid context 0x0 Jul 19 23:15:51 KadirBASOL