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Selective merge/cascade of detatched entity

I'm having an issue with my application, and I'm hoping you guys will be able to help. Please forgive typos and obvious errors, I'm having to retype from a non-internet connected network. A contrived example is: @Entity public class

ClassCastException of same object type

over a network via the server. So having more than one copy of objectdb seems to be impractical.

Removing objects where ManyToMany relationships exist

a TreeSet automatically removed as well, so, the TreeSet is reduced in size? Or do I end up having a number

mapping file is not being loaded

Hi, I am evaluating ObjectDB by using it with an in-house developed library in order to prototype its capabilities / performance. I am having a problem in that the in-house library in question reads a simple configuration file to determine available persistence units

_PersistenceException: Type is not found on getSingleResult.

Greetings. I'm new to ObjectDB. I'm using an ObjectDB local database for a Java SE standalone application and i'm having issues querying for an object of this entity: @Entity public class Estudiante{     @Id   

Problem with Criteria Querys

Hi, i am having problems running following code...   import java.util.*; import javax.persistence.*; import javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaBuilder; import javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaQuery; import javax

NontransactionalWrite error using Collections.sort .

Hi, i started to use ObjectDB today and i'm having problem using command Collections.sort in persisted object.  Attempt to modify an object with no active transaction when NontransactionalWrite is disabled: br.ufpa.linc.MetriX.api.model.Interface#105

Duplicate Entity class names causes Exception in Query

> support Support I tried it with the latest build and so far it works without having to use

Query fails with failed to read

to open the database file in direct access mode instead of doing nothing, especially after having ... instead of doing nothing, especially after having a c/s connection the usage before.

Best practice for history tracking

We would like to add to records start and end timestamp fields. When end field is null, it indicates the last version of this item. Few questions: in terms of performance, what would be faster, having a single timestamp and looking