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Trouble viewing db in Explorer.

I am having trouble with the Explorer.  I can open the db just fine. I can open a few simple extents and view/navigate fine also.  The problem occurs when I view the more complex extents. The Explorer will not repaint the right pane.  I drag off screen to force repaint

javax.persistence.PersistenceException: No Persistence provider for EntityManager named in Karaf 4.0.7 and OSGi DS test

a reference to the Factory and not having to worry about where it is coming from. Regards

Low performance when getting grove roots

having classes on my classpath even if I do not need them (if I use Hibernate

Missing Data on Retrieval (0, null values)

similar objects, when applicable. Having ordinary Java classes to represent

Memory use in OneToMany relationships

? I would assume so and can this be worked around by having PicData a reference

Join query problem with new statetment

an embeddable class to entity class, which results in having a class with mixed objects in the database

combined index not used

did you previously see some success with query execution with the new changes, before having

Can't open replicated database

> On further further investigation I'm still seeing the problem but I'm not having much joy replicating

Server crash - Mismatch client-server protocol prefix

We've been having a problem where our ObjectDB server goes unresponsive every 2 days or so.  I've reviewed the server-side logs, and there are no events logged shortly before the crash.  Once the server gets in this state, it is unresponsive to bin/ restart; I

Eager load Map

I'm having an issue eager loading a nested map. I've attached @ManyToMany(fetch=FetchType.EAGER) attributes to no avail. If the map is viewed in the debugger or force iterated in the code it loads ok. The attached code attempts to replicate the scenario. Its not an exact