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WebSphere Liberty Configuration

the ObjectDB jar file: Are you using Maven to get the ObjectDB jar file? If you are using a local ObjectDB ... so quickly. I pull the jar in through maven and bundle it in the war file. It is objectdb.jar, I saw in

Website Problems

There are some problems with the ObjectDB website today. We are looking for the cause and hope to find and fix it soon. Meanwhile, the Maven repository, which may be related, is temporarily down. support Support The website and the Maven repository are up again. support Support

Error 990... and then new version?

! I hadn't noticed this because the maven instructions still show the old version, and the new ... as soon as I post, I finally find the bottom of your very out-dated maven repository page

lockfiles in client/server mode

start it has naturally created and taken ownership of /tmp/ObjectDB. problem: i cannot run a maven ... have decided to run tomcat, objectdb server and maven tests with my user account

Modifying something with Explorer -> app JPQL with Enum doesn't work anymore

Hi! Scenario: Copy attached DB into localhost ObjectDB server (I'm running 2.5.1_03). Open attached project JavaEE Maven with NetBeans (7.4 beta in my case). Start ObjectDB on localhost as server ... touch it, it happens the same, as in the previous scenarios. I have attached the console maven app

ObjectDB embedded JAR location in Payara

Also I am running Payara with Object embedded and have placed the JAR in the domain lib folder with the objectdb-2.6.9_09.jar. Does that sound like the right thing to do? Thank you paul Paul Hudson You can place objectdb-jee.jar (or the jar from Maven) in the WEB-INF/lib directory of your web application. support Support

Single Server License and Embedded Mode

. support Support I did update the objectdb.conf as directed during activation. However, I'm using maven

Database access error , Doctor hanging on trying to repair, production shutdown at our biggest customer

Maven we did run Doctor after switching to the latest version before there are no new indexes

Apparent Lazy Loading issues.

(lines 136-139 for I have attached the updated Maven project. Please let me know

What are the steps of creating small web app?

am not sure if there is anything I am missing Do I really need maven for this project, Do I really

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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