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mapping file is not being loaded

with the Persistence api: EntityManagerFactory emf = Persistence ... > The Metamodel API still returns the empty set when 'getEntities()' is invoked. API (storing objects, etc)? Does it work? support Support So I

Queries are slow on a large database

Metadata file. For instance I use this class: public class ... ="/api/java/jdo/PersistenceManager/newQuery_String">a single string query, with very fast ... running the Doctor is should work. If the the new enhanced class and the XML metadata are in


="superinterfaces"> Superinterfaces: api ... >AbstractQuery<T> , api/java/jpa/criteria/Expression" title ... ="/api/java/jpa/criteria/Selection" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria">Selection<T

Working with JPA Entity Objects

is not yet associated with an api/java/jpa/EntityManager">EntityManager when it is persisted to the database via an EntityManager’s api/java/jpa/EntityManager/persist_Object">persistapi/java/jpa/EntityManager/persist_Object

ObjectDB - Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

software for developing Java database applications using the Java Persistence API (JPA). It is the first ... ... Protect your investment. Use a standard Java API ... with built in support for the two standard Java database APIs:


> Subinterfaces: api/java/jpa/TypedQuery ... ="see"> See Also: api/java/jpa/TypedQuery ... ="/api/java/jpa/Parameter" title="Interface in javax.persistence">Parameter


="/api/java/jpa/metamodel/Bindable" title="Interface in javax.persistence.metamodel">Bindable<X> , api/java/jpa/metamodel/IdentifiableType" title ... > , api/java/jpa/metamodel/ManagedType" title="Interface in javax.persistence.metamodel">


> api/java/jpa/criteria/AbstractQuery" title="Interface in javax.persistence.criteria"> Learn how to define queries using the criteria API ... " class="member method"> api/java/jpa/criteria/AbstractQuery


> api/java/jpa/metamodel/ManagedType" title="Interface in javax.persistence.metamodel">ManagedType<X> , api/java/jpa/metamodel/Type" title ... > api/java/jpa/metamodel/EntityType" title="Interface in javax.persistence.metamodel">


can be obtained from api/java/jdo/PersistenceManager/getFetchGroup_Class_String" title="Method of javax.jdo.PersistenceManager">PersistenceManager.getFetchGroup or api/java ... can be unscoped or can be in one of two scopes (the api/java/jdo/PersistenceManager" title