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Database Doctor

files (or their backups) often by running ObjectDB Doctor's diagnosis regularly in order to identify ... database file Repairs a corrupted ObjectDB database file by creating a new fresh ... is disabled. Using the database file simultaneously by two instances of the ObjectDB

ObjectDB License

have been purchased) does not require additional separate licenses. order?op=add& ... applications that use ObjectDB are developed and managed only by employees in that workplace. order?op=add&product=site2">Purchase a Site License

ObjectDB 2.9 Developer's Guide

, JDBC, ORM or JPA) is not required in order to follow this guide, but a strong background ... > This guide focuses mainly on practical issues in order to make the reader proficient in a short time. After reading this guide you may want to extend your knowledge of JPA by reading a book on JPA.  

Deleting JPA Entity Objects

Existing entity objects can be deleted from the database either explicitly by invoking ... In order to delete an object from the database it has to first be retrieved (no matter ... the object is not deleted. An IllegalArgumentException is thrown by

SSL Configuration

is used. As shown above, SSL is disabled by default. It could be enabled when accessing remote ObjectDB ... signature. This file is generated from the Keystore file by omitting the private key ... a valid username and password are provided. If authenticating the client machine by the server

criteria api / embedded objects / where order

.1 was sensitive to the order of the where clouse and the 2.7.4 wasn't. Unfortunatly I ... 2.7.4 and 2.8.1 are sensitive to the order of the where clause, meaning that the result set differs. As far as I understand there might be some performence issues related to the order but no different

What is the Java Persistence API (JPA)?

with databases) is that in JPA data is represented by classes and objects rather than by tables ... provider) is needed in order to interact with a relational database such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server or ... system with built in support of the Java Persistence API (JPA). By interacting with ObjectDB using

Chapter 4 - JPA Queries (JPQL / Criteria)

query (and a criteria query) is explained by describing the main clauses of JPQL queries (SELECT, FROM, WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, ORDER BY):

Step 3: Define a Spring DAO Component

( "SELECT g FROM Guest g ORDER BY", Guest.class); return query.getResultList ... Operations on the database will be performed by an instance of a Data ... > Open the [New Java Class] dialog box by right clicking the guest package node (in the [Package


queries might be executed simultaneously by different threads, but the implementation might choose ... , variable declarations, import statements, ordering and grouping specifications, result and result class ... class, the name of a class or interface imported by method declareImports, or denote