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What are the steps of creating small web app?

, Do I really need Spring MVC for this project. - What is best hosting service website?

Missing atificat for ObjectDB?

Hello! I am testing the Spring MVC and JPA tutorial, and always got an error in the POM file: <dependency> <groupId>com.objectdb</groupId> <artifactId>objectdb</artifactId>     <version

Metamodel Attribute NOT EQUALS to same Attribute in a different EntityManager

Attribute from Metamodel initialized on @PostConstruct event IS NOT EQUALS of the same Attribute from Metamodel of a differente EntityManager initialized on a @Controller @RequestMapping event. I am testing one application over Spring Web MVC and I can not post one Simple Test

Custom Transaction Manager

Hi, I am trying integrate ObjectDB and Quarkus Framework. Quarkus use Narayana/Arjuna transaction manager. ObjectDB doesn't allow me to configure custom JNDI ... . It can also work with Spring and Spring boots. Other, possibly partial implementations of Java EE

Auto Date for Creation and Update

fine BUT I'm using JpaRepository and that's from the Spring Framework and that is a point where

Entity factory

Only standard Java EE / Spring Framework injection is supported. If it may help

Glassfish and ObjectDB 2.4.3

Open Source Edition 3.1.2 (build 23) INFO: Grizzly Framework 1.9.46 started in: 33ms - bound to [] INFO: Grizzly Framework 1.9.46 started in: 17ms - bound to [] INFO: Grizzly Framework 1.9.46 started in: 4ms - bound to [] INFO: Grizzly Framework 1.9.46 started

EntityManager JPA or JDO impl and different behavior

; Now in our project we use spring to start everything. If I do: However if I create a basic test project, NO spring involved. Same ... by the persistance.xml or is something in the spring is doing something I don't understand

NullPointer when accessing persistent field

.framework.TestCase.runTest( at junit.framework.TestCase.runBare( ... .framework.TestResult$1.protect( at junit.framework.TestResult.runProtected( at at junit.framework.TestCase

ObjectDB 2.5.2

Added automatic creation of the log directory if it does not exist. Added support of old Spring Framework versions (with JPA 1.0). Fixed "InternalException: InterruptedException" due to application interrupts in embedded mode.