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Deleting JPA Entity Objects

> JPA 2 supports an additional and more aggressive remove cascading mode which can be specified

Is ObjectDB a NoSQL Database?

addition, unlike most other NoSQL databases, ObjectDB supports full ACID (atomicity, consistency

Shared (L2) Entity Cache

> instances.  In addition to the EntityManager's L1 cache and the

JPA Annotations for Relationships

/annotations/relationship" select="CascadeType|FetchType"> Additional

JPA 2 Annotations

Modifiers|Relationships"> Annotations for additional JPA configuration

ObjectDB Object Database Features

>Additional recovery layer - supports full transaction

ORDER BY clause (JPQL / Criteria API)

expressions. In this case, the first expression is the primary order expression. Any additional order

Getting Started with JPA

Tutorial|NetBeans JPA Tutorial"> In addition the demonstrated application

Which API should I use - JPA or JDO?

for special additional features that are supported only by JDO. Selecting the more popular API leads

JDO Reference (JavaDoc)

This reference contains the API documentation (similar to JavaDoc) of JDO 2.2. The content is derived from the original JDO documentation with some additions and notes. The most basic JDO types are: