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Odb file version

Hi, Do we have any mechanism to knwo whether the odb file belongs to 1.x object db or 2.x object db. Before migrating all the odb files from objectdb 1.x to 2.x, i would like to add a check if it is already migrated. Any API which is exposed to check the odb files version ? binitbhaskar Binit

Should I Avoid Compressing Database Files?

find now, that led me to believe that ObjectDB database files do not compress well (in general ... ObjectDB database files when I back them up or restore them from a backup. Do you have an experienced opinion on this approach? CBE CBE > ObjectDB database files do not compress well It depends

Heap Limit reached although the option 'objectdb.temp.page-file' is activated

? Why the option objectdb.temp.page-file does not perform? Options: <temp path="$temp" threshold="512mb" /> System.setProperty("objectdb.temp.page-file", "true"); Version objectdb-2.6.6_05 btc_es BTC ... seem related to objectdb.temp.page-file, which may work and move modified database pages (after flush

Undeployment of an remote Glassfish application locks objectdb log file

" error message. Because the "odbxxxxxx.log" file is in use by an java process. If I restart Glassfish, I can delete the folder. The locked file problem does not exist if I deploy the WebApplication ... a log file in an external directory (not in the web application under Glassfish)? support Support I

Invalid file type for enhancement (error 104)

Trying to run enhancement, I get: [ObjectDB 2.5.5_05] Invalid file type for enhancement: /home ... .objectdb.o.UserException: Invalid file type for enhancement: /home/steve/java/spiffymap-svn/sealog ... Zara It seems that you are trying to enhance source files rather than class files, as necessary. support Support

DB Explorer and Doctor unable to open DB file

Hi, one of my DB files can not be open by neither DB explorer, nor the DB Doctor. Both are writing ... .data.RackModel (error 361) My application can work with the DB file without difficulties ... recently upgraded from ObjectDB 1 to 2 and converted this DB file to the new format. Any ideas

Stalling on "run File" in Netbeans when using -javaagent:lib/objectdb.jar

, and with executing Run File on a selected file with a main method, when -javaagent:lib/objectdb ... JRebel on and off, it would have to be completely uninstall it from my machine. On running a file ... , when I disable it I am able to use Run File in Netbeans with ObjectDB javaagent run-time

Compress ODB file with XML content

after close ODB file. Does exist any compress data solution from ObjectDB side? ZIP is able to reduce ODB ... . Compression internally is not supported yet, but if you can upload a sample database file ... side. Harman Alexander Golyshkin Thank you for the sample database file. Most of the database space

Explorer doesn't open file

Explorer doesn't open file...see attached error message and odb. Explorer doesn't cleanly close ... that Doctor doesn't find any issues and file works fine programmatically. russ0ne Russell Martin ... , the file is opened in the Explorer? support Support Yes, you're right. When I refactored the code to store

Database File Encryption

of data in database files is less commonly used, since it slows the database. In addition ... compliant, we must encrypt certain data elements so that if someone got a hold of our DB file ... such as using an encrypted file system, but you will pay a performance penalty. This also means

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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