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Replaying recorded requests...

Hi, I get the following when ODB starts in embedded mode: Replaying recorded requests... then I get something like 500 lines of recordset information. Here is the relevant ... of the ContextEventListener class. Is this wrong? ie: it gets calls when the webapp shuts

Connection is closed Caused by:

I am getting this exception on a regular basis, after a period of time of repeating the same code execution.  I don't understand why.  I restart the DB server and my code ... the way, following your report the exception on the client side was changed, so starting next build

ObjectDB within a resource adapter module and Java EE Connector Architecture

>Under it is explained that: gets written respectively to:

WebSphere Liberty Configuration

> When liberty starts up I do get this error: [ERROR ] CWWJP0015E ... - even if it does inhereit some of the traditional WAS's craziness. Thanks for getting the fix

Indexing a field results in internal Exception

it's a large codebase, but I'll get started,   As for why JDO. I have long been a fan of JDO as it's a hugely easer API and gets work done with a lot less metadata. 

Insert time increases as db grows.

was really impressive: 8,5 seconds against 30 seconds with hibernate+mysql. Then I started the test ... on classes, but still getting the same results: insertion time grows as db grows. 4410 Arsenii

Using Enum type in NamedQuery: Field is not found in type

that my entities seem not to be getting picked up as entities until they are first persisted - Hibernate used to scan my @Entity classes and create tables before the application even started

How to enhance the JPA/Spring/MVC to implement RESTfull for CURL client?

to notice that I was getting a different error: 406. So I just took your suggestion ... > There are many resources on internet that could help you. Start by searching your problem on 

Error 990... and then new version?

>And it works!  I'm to the point of getting only very sensible errors.  Please excuse ... annotations, and a few other missing loose ends and when I got them sorted, it just started working

Server NPE

I'm getting the following NPE when attempting to persist an object to a server based database: [2011-11-13 09:11:47 #11 server] java.lang ... this change to one of the services. When the first service starts it registers types with object db