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Step 1: Install BIRT and ObjectDB Driver

We start by installing the BIRT development environment and the ObjectDB data source driver. Installing BIRT Choose one of the following options to install the BIRT development environment: Download and install the complete BIRT development environment, which is a special distribution

How to install ObjectDB?

ObjectDB is distributed as a zip file. Just download and extract the ObjectDB distribution zip file. No need to run any install or setup program. You can uninstall ObjectDB by deleting the ObjectDB directory. ObjectDB does not modify the registry or any other system file.

BIRT/ODA ObjectDB Driver

and JPA tutorial. Driver Installation The driver is available as an Eclipse for Java EE Developers extension. To install it: Open the [Install] dialog box by selecting Help > Install New Software... In ... ENTER. Select the ObjectDB Birt/ODA feature. Complete the installation by clicking Next twice, accepting

Client server mode no longer works after JRE install

requires a jdk on each machine as opposed to a jre. How can I get objectdb to use the jdk I install ... , so by specifying full JVM path you can select any JDK or JRE that is installed on your computer. You can also use JRE with no server JVM installed by specifying -client JVM Additional details

How to install ObjectDB on my Amazon EC2?

you have Java installed and in class path on that machine (Amazon VPS). For more info about "nohup", "sh

ObjectDB License

one installation of ObjectDB on a single computer. A license is required for every machine ... updates. A site license covers installation of ObjectDB on all computers of one company or organization in one building, and in addition also covers installation of ObjectDB on: Home computers

Step 7: Run the Spring Web App

to the controller path: If Tomcat 6.0 is installed as ... and clicking Finish. To install a new server check the Manually define a new server radio button (after Run As

SSL Configuration

the server Keystore) has to be installed on the client machine and its corresponding Trustore file has to be installed on the server machine. Setting the Configuration