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/EntityManagerFactory/createEntityManager_Map" title="Method of javax.persistence.EntityManagerFactory">createEntityManager (Map map) Create a new application-managed EntityManager with the specified Map


of the mapping files that the persistence provider must load to determine the mappings for the entity classes. The mapping files must be in the standard XML mapping format, be uniquely named and be resource-loadable from the application classpath. Each mapping file name corresponds to a mapping

> (Optional) The name of the foreign key column for the map key. The table in which it is found depends upon the context. If the join is for a map key for an element collection, the foreign key column is in the collection table for the map value


) Supports composite map keys ... > (Required) The map key join columns that are used to map to the entity that is the map key.


: If the map key is for an element collection, the name of the collection table for the map value. If the map key is for a OneToMany or ManyToMany entity relationship using a join table, the name of the join table for the map. If the map key is for a OneToMany entity relationship using a foreign key


> Specifies the mapping of the result of a native SQL query ... Specifies the result set mapping to scalar ... the result set mapping to scalar values.


for a map key whose basic type is an enumerated type. The MapKeyEnumerated annotation can be applied to an element collection or relationship of type java.util.MapMap getEmployees() {...} ... }


> Type used to indicate a specific mapping of java.util.Date ... of javax.persistence.TemporalType">DATE Map as java.sql.Date Map as


for persistent map keys of type java.util.Date and java.util.Calendar . It may only be specified for map keys of these types. The Map in conjunction with the ElementCollection, OneToMany, or


JDO JavaDoc Reference Documentation - PersistenceManager is the primary interface for JDO-aware application components.