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Eager Fetch is not stable for collection or map types?

;collection or map types is not stable, we lost them sometimes after JVM restarted. Eager fetch ... . We had checked our application, and the additional info is we confirm that the collection or map are stored ... . Further more, we find if we invoke a mehtod such as size() of collection or map before closing

Problem with queries on lists with reverse mapping

Hi, In version 2.4.2, when an object in a list is reversed mapped to the owning object, queries are returning objects of types that were not specified in the query. In the attached example the last test fails because the query returns both TeamA and TeamB

NPE when reading map from DB

this is caused by accessing an object (a persistent map field according to the stack trace

Query with MEMBER OF on hash map values

; @Entity public class TC { @OneToMany Map<String

JPQL support for mapped by (inverse) collections

, collection operators and methods (IS EMPTY, SIZE, MEMBER OF, IN) are currently not supported for mapped by (inverse) collections. These operations are supported for direct (not mapped by) collections. Navigation and JOIN is supported for both direct and mapped by collections.

Feature Request: Adding map entries to DB in Explorer

Currently, collections can be edited but maps cannot be edited. For a database model that has a lot of static data that need to be entered into the database on multiple edits this presents as an inconvenience. It would be great, therefore, if we can edit maps straight from the explorer. Flying Banana Jiacong Xu

Mapped by fields are not initialized by JOIN FETCH in queries

As demonstrated in this forum thread, a mapped by collection field with lazy fetch mode is not initialized in results of a query that uses JOIN FETCH on that collection field (when enhancement is used). support Support   Build 2

Setting and Tuning of JPA Queries

the Map">createEntityManagerFacotory method:   Map<String,Object> ... /jpa/Persistence/createEntityManagerFactory_String_Map">createEntityManagerFactory("pu

JPA Named Queries

annotation is attached to exactly one entity class or mapped superclass - usually ... queries can be defined in JPA XML mapping files instead of using the @NamedQuery annotation. ObjectDB supports JPA XML mapping files

JPA Metamodel API

"> // Get all the managed classes: // (entity classes, embeddable classes, mapped super classes ... , embeddable or mapped super classes): ManagedType< ... >MappedSuperclassType - represents user defined mapped super classes.