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Occasionally slow requests in load testing

we can see that most of the requests get stuck in one of 2 places: com.objectdb.o.PGC:w: line number 232 com.objectdb.o.LFL:U: line number 1068 Please see the attached callgraph examples for full stack ... stack trace (com.objectdb.o.LFL:U: line number 1068) indicates massive access to the database file


Method javax.persistence.TypedQuery TypedQuery<X> setFirstResult( int startPosition ) Set the position of the first result to retrieve. Parameters: startPosition - position of the first result, numbered from 0 Returns: the same query instance Throws: IllegalArgumentException - if the argument is negative Since: JPA 2.0

le(x, y)

Method javax.persistence.criteria.CriteriaBuilder Predicate le( Expression<?> x, Number y ) Create a predicate for testing whether the first argument is less than or equal to the second. Parameters: x - expression y - value Returns: less-than-or-equal predicate Since: JPA 2.0


number of frames from the bottom of the stack trace of the exception that was caused by


Annotation Element javax.jdo.annotations.FetchPlan int fetchSize The number of instances of multi-valued fields retrieved by queries. Returns: the fetch size Default value: 0 Since: JDO 2.1


number of frames from the bottom of the stack trace of the exception that was caused by this exception


for this exception matches the indicated number of frames from the bottom of the stack trace


in that number of references from the initial object to be fetched. Parameters: fetchDepth - the depth Returns: the FetchPlan Since: JDO 2.0


See Also: PersistenceManagerFactory.getProperties() String NONCONFIGURABLE_PROPERTY_VERSION_NUMBER

newObjectIdInstance(pcClass, obj)

, the behavior must be as specified: Number or Character: the parameter must be the single field type or

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