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ODB 2 JDO enhancement

to explicitly enhance? Do I need a package.jdo file? This question ... ">package.jdo, and b) run the Enhancer In my experience, using this with Tomcat, and running the enhancer in the contextListener class, there would often be errors relating

Failed to enhance dynamic type

Hi, We are trying to enhance a class with OSGI Weaver using the JEnhancer ... be enhanced. Yet, we get an error due enhancing: Failed to generate dynamic type com ... to generate dynamic type?? Can he simply ignore such things and enhance the regular getters and setter

Enhancement of type is old and cannot be used

] Enhancement of type is old and cannot be used ... is not enhanced. [2021-01-26 15:20:33 #24 type] Type is not enhanced.   As

Problem of Enhancer with JAXB / Proxified Entity Bean.

of errors. Not Enhanced: com/test/MyBean$JaxbAccessorF_name: com ... ) I observed that the Enhancer is unable to process dynamic class created with JAXB, so my beans aren't correctly enhanced ... Also, I have just tested some beans created from

problems with OEM license/enhancing

; <id>enhance</id> <phase>process-classes</phase> < ... ; <mainClass>com.objectdb.Enhancer</mainClass> <arguments> ... ...   hgzwicker Hans-Georg Zwicker The classes are probably not enhanced

Enhancement Check

are already enhanced within a jar file? We got following exception although we think all entities are enhanced: Caused by: com.objectdb.o.UserException: Too many ... >best regards BTC btc_es BTC EmbeddedSystems Enhanced classes implement

Issue with compile time enhancement

I have an entity library which I have integrated build time enhancement in.  The enhancer reports it has processed all of my persistent classes.  When I attempt to run ... (Terms) is listed as having been enhanced. I am running with ObjectDB in embedded mode

Post-compile enhancement fails when static Log4j 2.5 based logger used in Entity

I doubt this is an ObjectDB-enhancer problem, I am however reporting it in case ... public class SubEntity extends Element { On post-compile enhancement I get this error (as ... .objectdb.o.JEL.A( at com.objectdb.o.JEN.m( at com.objectdb.Enhancer.main

Maven Enhancement with OSGi Plugins

Hello, I've an OSGi environment and try to enhance Classes with Maven as ... , which contains enums from other plugins. Is there a way to include classes in enhancement process ... .objectdb.o.JEN.k( at com.objectdb.Enhancer.main( at sun.reflect

Items in list are doubled, when the entity class is not enhanced

list. When the classes are not enhanced, added items are doubled. Here is an example: enhanced and before merging the customer object a field is setted. Previous example can be used as a test case, only: 1. add enhancement