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How to package orm.xml when using EJB in WAR?

Hi, I have database utility classes in one project, the id's use ... correctly copies META-INF and all contents into the root of jar file when the (EJB) project ... > However, when a different web project (WAR file), which declares a dependency to the database

ClassCastException of same object type

I have ObjectDB partially working with my project. At the moment it seems to be saving objects and retrieving objects ok in the main project. However, when I make a plugin for the project ... am using ObjectDB 2.2.8 and Java 1.6. I am making an EclipseRCP project that records athletic

mapping file is not being loaded

;persistence-unit name="project.odb" >         <mapping-file ... ;  <property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.url" value="objectdb://localhost:6136/project.odb" /> ... .createEntitManagerFactory("project.odb"); //this set is alwasy empty with ObjectDB Set<EntityType>

Double persist of Entity field with Cascade.ALL

) - at lease submit a complete runnable Eclipse / NetBeans project as one zip file + exact instructions how to run it. support Support Attached is the complete Netbeans project ... to the same location,  Open Book_dberror project in Netbeans

How to resolve 404 errors with Eclipse/Maven Spring MVC

I have created a project as guided by ... a new maven project (with a dynamic web facet) and add Tomcat 6 as a server, it asks me if I want ... based Eclipse project that doesn't work. support Support Please see http://www.heintze

the tutorial netbeans and javaee6 dont work,

me please .   i have sent the file of my project .       mauro_objectDB mauro Your project has 2 problems ... file in WEB-INF. To fix the project

JPQL Case Statements (JPA 2.0)

CASE statement support, which I need for conditional projection query results as described in   ... like: SELECT TYPE(e),,, TYPE(e.project),,, TYPE(e.owner),, FROM Element e Projection


, MANAGER, EXECUTIVE} @Entity public class Employee { @ManyToMany public Projects


, this query will return expressions, including field values (projections) and aggregate function


JDO JavaDoc Reference Documentation - The Query interface allows applications to obtain persistent instances, values, and aggregate data from the data store.