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Database Server

that web application and run within the web server process. Starting the ObjectDB Server The ObjectDB ... . Usage: java com.objectdb.Server [options] start | stop | restart options include: -conf start the server, use the start command line argument: > java com.objectdb

JPA Tutorials

The following tutorials demonstrate how to develop database driven applications using JPA and the ObjectDB ODBMS (Object Oriented Database Management System). Console JPA Tutorial The Quick Start tutorial demonstrates how to use ObjectDB and JPA in a console application: Quick Start with JPA

JPA / JDO Class Enhancer

: Quick Start with JPA JPA Web Application Java EE JPA Spring MVC and JPA Similarly, enhancement ... can be started by: > java -javaagent:c:\objectdb\bin\objectdb.jar MyApplication If the JVM is run

Unable to stop server after starting in SSL mode

(starting 2.6.6_01) an SSL socket is used to send the STOP command to the server. Bug fix fully validated. Thanks for the quick fix. RockyMountainMan ... ObjectDB server starts & stops fine in non-SSL mode using start & stop shell scripts. ObjectDB server starts fine in SSL mode using start script but throws error and does not stop using stop shell

Step 3: Create an ObjectDB Data Source

connection url: Download and save the points.odb database file (from the Quick Start tutorial

Where can I learn how to use ObjectDB?

The best source for learning ObjectDB is the ObjectDB Manual, which contains all the necessary information for using ObjectDB. The only required background is a good understanding of the Java language. Reading the manual and getting started with ObjectDB could be easier for developers with prior

How to install ObjectDB?

All about How to install ObjectDB? in Java/JPA database - explanations, examples, references, links and related information.

starting objectdb as a service in linux

Hi, how to start objectdb as a service from linux command line. Every time i close the terminal (putty) servers stops. Running it with the & parameter dont help. we are starting the database with this command ./server.sh start Thanks How do you start the server, with the run command or the start

Start ObjectDB inside java code.

both run on the same machine and more than one client can be started, they all need access ... seem to find a way to automatically start the server mode, and i can't really expect the player to manually start the server, and I still need a way to do so. Is it my architecture that cause problem or

Index Definition

enables quick execution of the following queries: SELECT p FROM Point p WHERE p.x = 100 AND p.y = 100 ... , the query above can be executed by a quick index range scan. The same collection index can also be used