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Is it possible to commit only specific elements?

of them and rollback others. Since JPA supports one transaction per thread, you will have to split the activity

Entity has be persistended,but query not fetched?

().rollback();         em.close();         emf.close();     }         @Entity     static final class

Removing an entity throws exception

.getTransaction().commit();     }     catch (Exception e) {      em.getTransaction().rollback

NullPointerException while setting a new property value

{ if (em.getTransaction().isActive()) em.getTransaction().rollback(); em

Embedded List

.getLocalizedMessage()); } finally { if (em.getTransaction().isActive()) { em.getTransaction().rollback(); } if (em

CriteriaQuery .where() for multiple conditions

.getTransaction().rollback(); } em.close(); } return person; } ThreaT Ashton Hogan Yes

ClassCastException on closing PersistenceManager

().rollback();    }     this.persistenceManager.close();   } } It looks like it's related

One transaction or two?

().rollback(); } if(!pm.isClosed()) { pm.close(); } } Should I separate the deletes

Not able to update records

you had propably to rollback your transaction, to discard all changes made to the database. Stefan Stefan

NullPointer running multiple client against server

.getTransaction().isActive()) em.getTransaction().rollback(); throw new ApplicationException

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