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Retrieving JPA Entity Objects

but not its content, such as when a reference to it has to be set from another entity object. Retrieval by ... the primary key is set but other persistent fields are uninitialized until the object fields ... an explicit FetchType.EAGER setting: @Entity class Employee { : @ManyToMany(fetch

JPA / JDO Class Enhancer

. by using the get and set methods). If you follow this practice only user defined persistable classes ... . Setting a Java Agent Enhancer in the IDE In Eclipse JVM arguments can be set globally at: Window ... , at: Run Configurations… > Arguments > VM arguments In NetBeans JVM arguments can be set

Comparison in JPQL and Criteria API

ObjectDB supports two sets of comparison operators, as shown in the following table: Set 1 - JPQL / SQL Set 2 - Java / JDO Less Than < < Greater Than > > Less Than or Equal To <= <= Greater Than or Equal To >= >= Equal = == Not Equal <> != The two sets differ in the Equal and the Not Equal operators

JPA Criteria API Queries

are represented by a TypedQuery instance - query execution and query setting is similar, regardless of the way ... parameter. The where method sets the WHERE clause. As shown above, The CriteriaQuery interface ... on how to set criteria query clauses and build criteria expressions. Running this query requires setting

Eclipse Public License - v 1.0

that although each Contributor grants the licenses to its Contributions set forth herein, no assurances ... the copyright license set forth in this Agreement. 3. REQUIREMENTS A Contributor may choose ... Contributor must pay those damages. 5. NO WARRANTY EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY SET FORTH IN THIS AGREEMENT

Database Replication and Clustering

database. Setting a Master Database A master ObjectDB database is an ordinary database ... , but no other preparations or settings are required. Setting Slave Databases Setting slave databases is very easy

JPA Web App Tutorial - IntelliJ Project

> Settings > Application Servers. Add Tomcat 6 Server if not set already (Tomcat has to be downloaded ... and click the green run icon (or Shift+F10). If the browser fails to open check the settings at File > Settings > Web Browsers.

Step 6: Design a BIRT Report Table

. Set the column number to 2, number of details to 1, select the data set (e.g. Points by X) in the third field and click OK. Fill the table with data by dragging the x and y columns from the data set in the [Data Explorer] window (under the data set node) and dropping them on the second table row

[ODB1] Chapter 3 - Persistent Classes

, LinkedList, Vector, HashMap, TreeMap and Hashtable, and the interfaces - Collection, Set, List and Map ... collection interfaces (Collection, Set, List and Map) cannot refer to an unsupported collection, or ... the enhancer from the command line. First, the classpath has to be set to include ObjectDB and JDO jar

[ODB1] Chapter 7 - JDOQL Queries

filter) In the first form, the candidate class is automatically set to the class of the specified candidate Extent, and in the second form, the candidate collection is automatically set ... = Calendar.getInstance(); calendar.clear(); calendar.set(2000, 0, 1); Date date = calendar

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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