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Unexpected Exception (Error 990) with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

(); } } } dja Daniel Jahn Some Notes to the Bug: I used the 2.7 version previously I ... and its history? Was it always defined as an entity class? You wrote that you used version 2.7 before but it is unclear if the issue is new to this version. If you use version 2.7, does it work

Issue with UPPER ?

. support Support hi, Will this be fixed or kept in future versions? We've been forced to switch to major (aka no *_x) versions only.. Btw -> it'd be great if you could extend the description in your change list of the various versions, i.e. writing what effects a fix

Adding objectdb-jee.jar to the maven repository

>         com.objectdb         objectdb         <version>2.6.2_02version>                   org.eclipse.persistence         javax.persistence         <version>2.1.0version

Unexpected internal exception during set field of an Embeddable to null

enhancement problem. We will release the first version (with ObjectDB) of our Application at the end ... trace, or in other words, a different version of the class was used when the exception was thrown. In ... at least 3. Please verify that the same class version is used everywhere, and eliminate old class

Database corrupted after schema change

Doctor [version 2.8.3_05] Copyright (c) 2021, ObjectDB Software. All rights reserved. Scanning ... it ? jakab Gergely Jakab Since you are using version 2.8.3_05 it might be the critical schema bug (issue #2621) that was fixed in version 2.8.4. Please try to open the database (maybe the version before

ClassCastException during query

This exception indicates a class loader conflict. There are more than one version of the com.btc.ep.vector.accessor.Identifier.IdentifierKind2 class, loaded by different class loaders. One version ... is unavailable). Another class is used by your application code (for casting the retrieved object to the version


process A get the optimistic lock exception. ie: the version number does not appear ... if locking version-check is set false? are the changes from process B lost if process A subsequently commits ... at the end transaction. Yes, if A holds an older version of that object. Yes. It depends

Entity listener - event instead of object

in updated entity. There is a problem however with accessing "old" version of object stored in ... to implement something similar in ODB? Or is there any way to implement this in current version of ODB ... history) is expected to be added in a future version of ObjectDB. Please subscribe to this feature

wrong query result

in a previous thread, this is the undesired consequence of using ObjectDB with different versions ... server is down and that only the new versions of the entity classes are in use by ... .impl.AktImpl has 161 versions. Generally speaking, new versions are only created by adding or

Use temporary files to enable very large transactions

further version. Can you implement it that ObjectDB used temporary files? btc_es BTC EmbeddedSystems ... , still allocates a lot of memory. For us it would be very helpful if we can get an evaluation version, in ... ", "true");' and with JVM Param ''. ObjectDB version ObjectDB 2.6.3_04

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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