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Database corrupted after schema change

: ObjectDB Doctor [version 2.8.3_05] Copyright (c) 2021, ObjectDB ... >Since you are using version 2.8.3_05 it might be the critical schema bug (issue #2621) that was fixed in version 2.8.4. Please try to open the database (maybe the version


process A get the optimistic lock exception. ie: the version number does not appear ... version-check is set false? are the changes from process B lost if process A subsequently commits? A holds an older version of that object. Yes. It depends

Unable to create 128 column of a table.

Manoj Kumar Maharana The stack trace does not match the reported version (2.8.3). Please double check which version/build you use. In addition, you should also try the most recent version (2.8.8) and provide the generated stack trace using that version, if the exception is thrown

Adding objectdb-jee.jar to the maven repository

; <version>2.6.2_02</version>     </dependency>   ... ;version>2.1.0</version>     </dependency>      ... >         <version>1.1</version>  

Use temporary files to enable very large transactions

very large transactions in further version. Can you implement it that ObjectDB used ... > For us it would be very helpful if we can get an evaluation version, in which this data is written ... -java"> ObjectDB version ObjectDB 2.6.3_04 com.objectdb.o.InternalException: Unexpected internal

Can't open DB-file with explorer, but from within my code it works

since an update from my old-version (2.4.7_08) to the new version(2.4.7_18): 1) my recent db-file, created with the old-version, has been copied to the local db-folder of the new version automatically 2) But I can't open the db-file

Enum fields are set to null and embeddable enum class does not show in explorer

I switched to version 2.8.2 and now it seems that my enum types are not recognized ... the interface (but different package)? itsme Martin Petzold I checked version control.  ... am not totally sure what is happening. The test case passes for both versions (2.7.4.b03 and 2.8.2

queries under 2.7.6_4 significantly slower than under 2.7.6

we update to the latest version from 2.7.6. Now we have the problem ... Zwicker There are several changes since version 2.7.6 that could possibly effect query execution ... to really test that with all the sub versions. What we can report is: using a reference

Issue with UPPER ?

> support Support hi, Will this be fixed or kept in future versions? We've been forced to switch to major (aka no *_x) versions only.. Btw -> it'd be great if you could extend the description in your change list of the various versions, i.e. writing what effects a fix

Page cache File handling produced an Negative seek offset

implementation of temporary files for very large transactions. Version 2.6.7 should fix this bug. support Support Version 2.6.7 don't fix the bug:  (Now there are other line ... will not solve the issue. support Support Also Version 2.6.7_1 don't fix the bug