About TemporalType



Type used to indicate a specific mapping of java.util.Date or java.util.Calendar.(Enum of JPA)


JPA Annotations for Fields

Reference (JavaDoc) of JPA 2 field annotations, including @Basic, @Embedded, @EmbeddedId, @Version, @Transient, @Enumerated, @MapKeyEnumerated, @Temporal and @MapKeyTemporal.... javax.persistence.Temporal javax.persistence.TemporalType javax.persistence.MapKeyTemporal Chapter ...


Query Parameters in JPA

Explains how to use parameters (named parameters and ordinal parameters) in JPA queries.... query. setParameter setParameter(name, value, temporalType) TypedQuery's method Bind an instance of ... , new java. util . Date ( ) , TemporalType javax.persistence.TemporalType JPA enum Type used ...


TemporalType injection with Calendar using JPA

I have ObjectDB  JPA  comsummed by a RESTful web service deployed on Tomcat. I am using an embedded object as a primary key, which has time fields which I have annotated with TemporalType.TIMESTAMP When I use a java.util.Date as a field on this object there is no problem. However, if I use a java.util.Calendar it encounters an exception.   Calendar is what I need.  Is there something obvious here that I am failing to see?   ... key, which has time fields which I have annotated with TemporalType.TIMESTAMP When I use a java.util.Date as a field on ... ;   @ Temporal ( TemporalType . TIMESTAMP ) public Calendar getBeginTime ...



Interface used to control the execution of typed queries.(Interface of JPA)


Wrong data stored in date only fileds

Hi, the following query returns records with startDate of 24/10/2015 before records with startDate of 25/10/2015: SELECT r from RecordingMetaData AS r ORDER BY r.startDate DESC, r.startTime DESC, r.channelNumber DESC If we place the same data in an SQL database and run the following query we get the records in the expected order, i.e. records with startDate of 25/10/2015 before records with startDate 24/10/2015: ... false ) @ Temporal ( TemporalType . TIMESTAMP ) public Date getStartDateTime ... false ) @ Temporal ( TemporalType . DATE ) public Date getStartDate ( ...


Finding an object by its datetime

SearchBookingByTimeStamp() { Calendar btime = Calendar.getInstance(); btime.set(2012, 10, 11, 7, 30, 00); //This time is already inserted, trying to find it /* My Query */ TypedQuery<Booking> query = em.createQuery( "SELECT b FROM Booking b WHERE b.btime = :btime", Booking.class) .setParameter("btime", btime, TemporalType.TIMESTAMP); } @Entity public class Booking { @Temporal(TemporalType.TIMESTAMP) Calendar btime; }   ... . setParameter ( "btime" , btime, TemporalType . TIMESTAMP ) ; } @ Entity ... Booking { @ Temporal ( TemporalType . TIMESTAMP ) Calendar btime ; } ...



Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type.(Static Method of javax.persistence.TemporalType)


setParameter(name, value, temporalType)

Bind an instance of java.util.Date to a named parameter.(Method of javax.persistence.TypedQuery)


Possible issue with String fields

Hi I'm brand new to objectdb and I'm trying to create an objectdb from a sample db via jdbc. The code all works and for a few thousand records but when I increase the number of records I get the following " ... @ Temporal ( javax. persistence . TemporalType . DATE ) Date start_dt ;   @ Temporal ( javax. persistence . TemporalType . DATE ) Date end_dt ; @ Temporal ...