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any plan for monitoring tool ?

    hello , is there any plan you have for monitoring objectdb realtime. Tracking queries and finding bottlenecks?   #1 2013-01-27 20:40     hello , is there any plan you have for monitoring objectdb realtime. Tracking queries and f ...


Blocked by find

I have a container object which wraps an objectdb database. There is a "putIfAbsent(String id, Object obj)" method which is synchronized and attempts to load an object by id using the EntityManager "find" method. If nothing is returned from the db the passed object is persisted to the db. I have 5 threads which use this method. In a run today one of the threads seems to have got stuck somewhere in the find. The thread dump looks like: ... Actually, this may just be slow performance rather than blocking. The attached test writes data to a ... how this could be better structured to maximise objectdb performance it'd be appreciated. ...


Duplicate a table

Hello, I would like to know if it's possible to copy the content of a table representing one class of object to another table whithout having to use java object (no object instantiation) ? In fact, I would like to execute a native query like "select * into T0 from T1" My purpose is to backup a table before erasing the content. Thanks. ... code for this purpose. Use enhanced classes to get best performance in reading and writing the objects. The impact of object instantiation on performance should be minor. ObjectDB Support ...


Is 2 level cache in use?

Hi, Is there any way to check, if 2 level cache is in use? Right now I've done two things: 1. objectdb.conf with cache size is placed in WEB-INF directory of my web application. 2. persistence.xml was modified with: ... few benchmarks I don't really see any difference in performance. ODB on server uses the same amount of CPU and memory. I'm ... is cached. The L2 cache doesn't always improve performance. It depends on the application. Sometimes enabling the L2 cache may ...


Evaluating ObjectDB for SaaS Application

We are currently evaluating objectdb for our SaaS(multi-tenant) product. It is a data intensive health care product . We would like to know the horizontal scalability options available. ... of one writer and multiple readers provides better performance because the coordination between the servers  is simpler and ... but it provides other advantages including better performance, full ACID, richer queries and rapid development. ...



Defines inheritance strategy options.(Enum of JPA)



The MapJoin interface is the type of the result of joining to a collection over an association or element collection that has been specified as a java.util.Map.(Interface of JPA)



Interface used to build general case expressions.(Interface of JPA)



... operations of large objects. Improved the performance of navigation through an inverse (mapped by) field if the owner ... in criteria queries . Improved Explorer performance by disabling EAGER fetch. Fixed critical bugs in ...



Interface used to build coalesce expressions.(Interface of JPA)