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Database Doctor

Explains how to use the ObjectDB object database Doctor tool to diagnose and repair database files and damaged Java/JPA/JDO objects. The ObjectDB Doctor tool provides two related services: Diagnosis and validation of an ObjectDB database file Checks a given ObjectDB database file, verifies that it is healthy and valid, and if the file is not valid (it is c ...


Verify Error with Java 1.7

ObjectDB enhanced classes fail when compiled to Java 1.7 [ObjectDB 2.2.9_08 Enhancer] 28 persistable types have been enhanced: ... com.vaisala.jx.db.gdm.model.SourceType stack trace from jUnit test #1 2011-09-13 12:09 ObjectDB enhanced classes fail when compiled to Java 1.7 [ ObjectDB 2.2.9_08 Enhancer ] 28 p ...



PersistenceManager is the primary interface for JDO-aware application components.(Interface of JDO)


getObjectById(oid, validate)

This method locates a persistent instance in the cache of instances managed by this PersistenceManager.(Method of javax.jdo.PersistenceManager)


Step 1: Create a Maven Web Project

Explains how to create a Eclipse Web Maven project with Spring and ObjectDB/JPA support.... Maven Project and click  Next . Verify that the Create a simple project checkbox is disabled and click Next ... main folder: Note: You should verify now that Maven Integration for WTP is installed, by right clicking ...



Validates the PersistenceManager cache with the datastore.(Method of javax.jdo.PersistenceManager)


Login Error (bad username 'admin' or password)

I am getting following error when i am trying to connect to server: [com.objectdb.o._PersistenceException: Login Error (bad username 'admin' or password)] with root cause com.objectdb.o.UserException: Login Error (bad username 'admin' or password) at com.objectdb.o.MSG.d(MSG.java:61) at com.objectdb.o.HND.K(HND.java:210) at com.objectdb.o.SHN.K(SHN.java:208) at com.objectdb.o.HND.run(HND.java:132) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:662) Here is my connection string: ... file for the client, and in that case you have to verify that the configuration is updated on both the server and the client ... to the objectdb.conf file and restart the server, to verify that the  file is in use by the server (if the server starts with ...



The Query interface allows applications to obtain persistent instances, values, and aggregate data from the data store.(Interface of JDO)


How to resolve 404 errors with Eclipse/Maven Spring MVC

I have created a project as guided by www.objectdb.com/tutorial/jpa/eclipse/spring/run. When I abandon eclipse and use the maven command line to deploy this Spring MVC web app to jetty and point my browser to localhost:8080/Guestbook/ it works as your tutorial says! ... unzipped it in a logically named directory. (3) Verify maven 3 is installed and verify it works fine from eclipse using the maven build command to do a ...


Object Relations Error after Schema Change

Hi we have a problem with relations in OBjectDB 2.4.6, the problem occured after we changed relations in few clases. Specificaly we deleted relation pointing to one class and created new relation to third class. If we restart both ObjectDB and Jboss everything works fine for a short period. Attached is a ObjectDB error message. Kind regards. ... version of the class accesses the database. Please verify that the same versions of all the entity classes are used by all the ... you please try the last ObjectDB version (2.5.3_03) to verify that this is not an issue that has already been fixed? If you ...