checkAuthorizedStateManager(sm) - JDO JDOImplHelper's static method

Static Method
void checkAuthorizedStateManager(
  StateManager sm

Check that the parameter instance is of a class that is authorized for JDOPermission("setStateManager"). This method is called by the replaceStateManager method in persistence-capable classes. A class that is passed as the parameter to replaceStateManager must be authorized for JDOPermission("setStateManager"). To improve performance, first the set of authorized classes is checked, and if not present, a regular permission check is made. The regular permission check requires that all callers on the stack, including the persistence-capable class itself, must be authorized for JDOPermission("setStateManager").
sm - an instance of StateManager whose class is to be checked.
JDO 1.0.1

This documentation page is derived (with some adjustments) from the JDO 2.2 API
and is available under the terms of the Apache License, v. 2.0.