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Dont want to use Proxy Class
by ksbaydar,
3by support,
3 posts
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UTF Error
by buddhika75,
2by support,
2 posts
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How to enable and disable auto schema update?
by Manoj,
7by Manoj,
7 posts
last by Manoj,
Unable to create 128 column of a table.
by Manoj,
4by support,
4 posts
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EM close causes an exception
by btc_es,
29by support,
29 posts
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objectdb (licensed) + github action error
by joniturrioz,
3by joniturrioz,
3 posts
last by joniturrioz,
Accessing archived SDK
by andpaga,
3by andpaga,
3 posts
last by andpaga,
com.objectdb.o.InternalException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/sql/Date
by esharris,
7by esharris,
7 posts
last by esharris,
Query over the keySet of a map field with collection parameter
by btc_es,
5by btc_es,
5 posts
last by btc_es,
InternalException when reading a HashMap
by jakab,
5by support,
5 posts
last by support,

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