JPA Tutorials

The following tutorials demonstrate how to develop database driven applications using JPA and the ObjectDB ODBMS (Object Oriented Database Management System).

Console JPA Tutorial

The Quick Start tutorial demonstrates how to use ObjectDB and JPA in a console application:

Only basic Java experience is required in order to follow this tutorial.

Web Application Tutorials

The web application tutorials demonstrate how to use JPA in web applications. Understanding these tutorials requires some familiarity with basic concepts and principles of web applications in Java, including Servlets, JSP and HTML.

The first tutorial demonstrates a simple JPA web application with a Servlet and a JSP:

This web application does not use EJB, so you should be able to run it on any servlet container (e.g. Apache Tomcat, Jetty, Caucho Resin), as well as on full application servers (such as Oracle GlassFish, Red Hat JBoss, IBM WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic).

The next tutorial shows how to use JPA in a full Model-View-Controller (MVC) Java EE 6 web application that should be deployed in a Java EE 6 container:

Since this web application uses Java EE 6 EJB (session beans) it requires a full Java EE 6 application server, such as GlassFish 3.0.1 or JBoss AS 6.

Another tutorial shows how to use JPA in a Spring MVC Framework 3 web application:

Maven Projects for Download

The tutorials provide step by step instructions on how to create the sample applications. In addition, the sample applications are also available for download as ready to use Maven projects (which can be opened and used in Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and JDeveloper).